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Nov 22, 2016 2:33 PM

NZ/Australian Singer/songwriter Vanessa Delaine has already a impressive music resume on her name, read my review on chatsong and listen her songs. She has posted her info in the forums, for you to listen or to read.


NZ/Australian Singer/songwriter Vanessa Delaine was born with a voice that leave audiences breathless. Her crossover style encompasses Blues, Country, Rock, Folk and funk. Her recent album RUNAWAY has shot up the iTunes charts (#18 USA, #15 Europe), won international songwriting awards for Best Blues Song and Best Country Blues Song


Above you can read a bit of the biography of this singer songwriter, the rest you can read on her own website. Read my review of her album RUNAWAY she has made this album not alone, she sings and Micheal Barnard plays the guitar in the songs. Her first song called is I left you with the blues has an amazing blues harp on the background, her voice is beautiful and sounds natural a unique voice. The song sounds very bluesy with all those amazing instrument pieces, and what i also hear when she sings is emotion. I really love her vocals she can sing very pure and high, it touches you when she sings the amazing written lyrics. The song called moon blues there you can hear how good she can sing, and my credit for the guitar player they are a good duo together. She has also named a song runaway, the song has great lyric with a message to the listeners. Wow that guitar player can really play very beautiful  guitar, and with her voice it makes the song outstanding. Wow her vocals are so amazing beautiful to listen, especially in this song called for a little love. It is really breath taking how high she can sing, her timing is very good. Again such an amazing solo guitar piece in this song, it is amazing to listen to both of them. All of her songs have a great lyrics and in all of them I can hear the emotions while singing, very beautiful. When, you listen to the song long gone you know what I am trying to say about feeling the emotions in her songwriting and in her voice. In the song love is here she has a tiny vibration at the end of her notes, it sounds wonderful and not disturbing.it's not always beautiful when artists sing with a vibration in the notes, some do it too excessive and it does not sound beautiful anymore. Her song it is not right is a more folk song, with great written lyric. Her latest song of the album is very powerful, and again full of emotions in the lyric and in her vocals. The emotions she has while singing the songs, makes the songs wonderful. This singer song writer really tells stories with her songs and the results is a very good song book full of amazing songs. She is really talented and the guitar player as well, the album is already high on the charts on iTunes, and she has already streams in the Netherlands. And that is well earned, I think when they give a live show it would be wonderful to listen to their music. Their music has to be heard in every continent on earth, at every radio station and charts there is for country or blues music. Therefore, share this review with these talented artists on it as much as you can.



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