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@s7eveno7es twitter

Nov 23, 2016 12:11 PM

S7eve No7es known in the Techno Industrial since 1999, music is his life. He is from italy and makes different styles of electronic music, read my review on chatsong and listen to the songs. The previews of his new electronic project, is also posted in the comment area with video probably some have already listened it.

Stefano Croce born to create music…Starts in 1999 with Armageddon Project , becoming very influential in Techno Industrial. He played in the best events like Thunderdome, Defqon, Decibel, and all the party ID&T. On 2003 gets a gold record in the “Master of Hardcore Award” - Best International Industrial Artist. On 2016 he start to share a new electronic music project with his name S7EVE NO7ES, founding the new label 77 NOTES. It will be a great project…


Above you can read his biography which you can find on his YouTube channel, he has played at several hard trance festivals. Some of them I have visited often, it is my favorite genre of music. This producer is from Italy and he runs an own label called 77 notes, and changed his direction from techno to other electronic genres. The first song I listened was just myself it starts with an amazing intro with vocals, and the beats and the bass makes the song an awesome dance hit. This is top quality electronic dance music, his music could right away be played on several festivals across the world. I can know because I used to go in the past to this kind of events, and this producer is so good that I think I am listening to David Guetta or other big deejays in this world. I believe when the Netherlands will listen to his tracks he soon would be standing on lots of events with this genre, his music is incredibly good produced. The preview track called waking up longora is very varied from the first track, amazing used tunes very rhythmic and he uses in each track a whole different vocal addition. His latest track one lady is awesome with the up building tunes it has a lot bass in it. This is hard trance on its best, this track has higher tunes which sounds amazing. This is music I could listen all day this Italian producer sure knows how to make good electronic dance music, it is so divers in each song you get addicted to the dance tunes. Wow this producer is very good and his music has to be heard in other countries, I am sure he soon would be touring all over the world especially in the Netherlands and Ibiza that are the main home bases of this genre. Bit by bit this dance music is making a movement to other places across the world, and that is a good thing. He has played on several festivals with his previous style hardcore but with his new style he will get the same results, therefore share this amazing talented deejay and producer as much as you can. 






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