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This is songwriter/musician ANDREW NORQUAY, his album is called vices will be released on 30the november this year, read my review on chatsong and listen to the songs he already released.

When the muse comes a calling there is no stopping her inspiration. Just ask
songwriter/musician ANDREW NORQUAY. Having taken three years away from music due to commitments as a commercial diver, the creative roar within Andrew has erupted, steering him into finding a new explosive energy and expansive adventure for his alternative rock sound.

Drawing on inspirations which include the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Muse,
Radiohead, and Oasis, Aberdeenshire hailing Andrew has breached new imagination
and inventive tenacity in the songs bred since his return to the music scene. Lyrically,
they explore and challenge personal and social issues within a landscape of growling
riffs and fiery melodies. It makes for propositions which leave a lingering impact on
thought and any appetite for evocatively rousing rock ‘n’ roll.
The first result of his new burst of inspiration is the ‘Vices EP’, released the end of
November 2016. Consisting of five heart bred tracks as infectiously anthemic as they
are emotionally open and boldly fertile, the EP is a galvanic realisation of Andrew’s
step forward in craft and invention from previous releases.

From the dark snarl shaping the stoner spiced roar of “The Black Dog” and the desert
rock hued incitement of “Animal”, the ‘Vices EP’ commands attention as Andrew’s
melodic craft and harmonic tones temper and align to the heavier trespass of his riffs
and rhythms. It is a variety which has also simply blossomed in his songwriting,
evidenced further within the new release by the predacious yet exotically coloured stroll
of “Warfare” and “Slaves” with its mesmeric southern blues drawl.
Completed by the smouldering flame of “Devils Touch”, the ‘Vices EP’ is a tapestry of
varied genres and adventurous imagination subsequently mixed and mastered by
Rohan Onraet (Gary Barlow, Wonderland, Delta Goodrem, Audio Bullys, Starsailor). It
is a declaration that its creator’s craft and sound has come of age and with a successor
to this debut EP already in the works, the end of the year running into 2017 is when
Andrew firmly puts his mark on the British rock landscape.
The ‘Vices EP’ is officially released November 30th with pre-ordering available now
through iTunes and Amazon.

Above is his biography and what he has sent to me, then now my review about this singer songwriter from Aberdeen. His album is called vices and will soon be available in all digital outlet stores, he has released a couple songs earlier one of the songs is called comet you can find it on his reverbnation website. The song starts with a good instrumental intro, his voice is raw and pure he can sing and low very good. The song is very uptempo, beautiful tunes and great written lyrics. This singer songwriter is very talented, this song comet is great material. This song has potential for a big hit song, with this song he would break trough in the music industry. In the song called slaves he has more a hoarseness in his vocals, and it fits perfect in the style of the genre alternative rock. The instruments used in this song, are amazing it makes it outstanding to listen to both his talented vocals and the rock sounds of the instruments. Wow the intro of this song animals has a lot of energy and sounds amazing with all those instruments in it, this is a great rock song. You hear the instruments in this song louder than his voice, but I like it very much how this song is made with all those tunes. Really love the guitar solo piece in this song, and it has a great rhythm as well. Also, this song called black dog has an amazing instrumental intro, very awesome to listen and you can hear he can do a lot with his vocal sounds. Yes this is a singer songwriter who can make good rock songs, I like it a lot. This song called devils touch is varied from the other songs, it is more blues and that shows his songs are divers, Wow and that guitar solo pieces is incredible, you need to listen that my credits for that. The song called warfare seems he has used a megaphone, or voice changer in the intro, it is not disturbing I love it and fits in the style of this song with the tunes and melodies. When you listen to it, you hear some influences of muse and oasis in this song, the songs are unique and his vocals are unique. Till now all songs i have listened are amazing, a lot different genres on his album which makes it interesting. I believe this singer song writer will come far with this unique way of making music, its popular and new. His music has to be heard around the world, so that more will know his amazing songs and the diversity of the songs. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments underneath this review




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