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@JessBlackRoses and @RissaBlackRoses

@JessBlackRoses and @RissaBlackRoses

Nov 27, 2016 12:28 PM

Black roses we are a band specializing in all types of music: Rock/Pop/R&B/Hip Hop, etc. The album is in the works, will soon be released. till now i will review the songs she already made with the band. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give star ratings and comments underneath this review.

This band is black roses from Los Angeles, she has posted her sound cloud link in the forum. Also, she has submitted for a music review, so here we go. The oldest song I came across was a cover song from Meghan Trainor and John legend, it is an acoustic cover and wow what has the lead singer Jess a marvelous voice, and the backing vocal is amazing as well. This is very beautiful cover sung by those two singers, normally singers copy the vocals of the original singer. They did not do that, they used their own beautiful vocals which makes it unique to listen to this cover song. Also, they have done a cover song of the band Hanson, again very beautiful done I loved their version more than the original. They have for sure music in their blood and know how to give vocal power while singing, even the recording can't keep up with the high notes' coming out of their mouths. In this song called stand by you, her vocals are very calm and easy which sounds amazing, it is an acoustic number. I really love her vocals, she can sing calm and easy but also very high and it is all pure. This singer Jess is very talented, also the other singer Rissa is very talented together they sound marvelous. The other singer Rissa is also a very good piano player, there is an instrumental version song called Ribbon in the sky. This song is really amazing, the intro with the high melodies and then her vocal sound it is like wow. The song has amazing dance tunes in it, this is really a good pop song. This song is great material for radio stations and belongs at MTV or Billboard such a quality this song has, you want to listen and listen again really good! I really can not wait on their album, both are very talented and need to be heard around the world with the songs they already have made. Therefore, share this review as much as you can, i will update when their album is released. And give comments and star ratings underneath this review, i have the feeling they can become famous with their talent and music vibes.




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