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Dec 7, 2016 2:09 PM

This band is The gentleman Mutineers from Detroit, and they released a new album called EXILE NEW YORK it available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and many more. Read my review on chatsong listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

Indie Detroit Americana Music born from the blues of Black Bottom, mothered by the soul of Motown, and raised by the rhythm of the Rock City.

In summer of 2014, singer/ songwriter Frankie Jason Turner moved from his suburban Detroit home to a small apartment in New York City about six blocks from Central Park. Recently signed to BMG/Chrysalis Music Publishing, he made the trek to see the music industry up close and hopefully find a place for his personal brand of songs.

Out of the time he spent throwing himself against the overwhelming monster that it is Manhattan came the EXILE NEW YORK EP by Turner's band THE GENTLEMEN MUTINEERS. Recorded in a studio in midtown, EXILE NEW YORK is a dark, acoustic Americana EP that mixes old school blues, soul and country with modern recording techniques.

The four tunes are both personal and universal lyrically, revealing a search for ones space and purpose against a complicated past, an unseeable future, and all the temptations of the world.


Above you can read a part of the info I found on their Facebook page, the whole biography and song notes you can read on their website. Then now my review about their album called Exile New York, and the first song of the album is called rattle the cage. It starts with an amazing acoustic guitar intro, then comes his voice and man what can this man sing. When he open his mouth you get goosebumps, he hits you in your heart with his sexy and Motown sounded vocal. This song is marvelous, all is good the singing the instruments there is a lot soul into it. The next song called scorch the earth is marvelous, great written lyrics and when he sings it you go into a trance so beautiful is it. Wow great quality music, the acoustic guitar and the humming vocals at the end of this song are marvelous. I am really impressed by their music, so marvelous so original and so full of soul in his voice and in their music. This song Devils down is so amazing produced, the melodies and tunes and rhythm used in it wonderful. And wow when you listen to this song, the vocal power this singer songwriter has is unbelievable in this song called let the sunrise early. His voice reach into your soul and heart, it is a beautiful ballad song. My credits for this band, the songwriting is incredible and how they play the instruments, and off course that voice is so amazingly good. All songs till now are so amazing good, this band with this singer will become international mark my words. This is music you want on MTV and Billboard, this is talent. They are born with soul and rhythm in their blood, really like the mix of rock and Motown in their songs. Their whole album is full of awesome songs, and their music has to be heard on every music television and radio channel there are in this world. Therefore, share this upcoming talented new legends in music history as much as you can , and give comments and star ratings underneath this review. 

( extra info listen to their previous album as well, its wonderful!)





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