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Dec 8, 2016 12:52 PM

After Alice is an Alternative Rock/Power Pop/Pop Rock/ Band/Aiken, SC Stuart Epps who worked with Led Zeppelin is producing our new single 99 Gold. Read my review on chat song and listen to the song, also give comments and star ratings underneath this review

After Alice is an Alternative Rock/Power Pop/Pop Rock/ Band/Aiken, SC
Stuart Epps who worked with Led Zeppelin is producing our new single 99 Gold.
Since 1967, Stuart has worked with many artists, including Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Twisted Sister, Bill Wyman, Kiki Dee, George Harrison, Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Paul Weller, Cliff Richard, Bad Company, Barry White and Chris Rea.
Epps has contributed to many records and has been associated with many popular hard rock records by such bands as Twisted Sister, Wishbone Ash, Bad Company, Vandenberg, The Firm, Jagged Edge UK and Shooting Star. Besides his work with Led Zeppelin, Epps has been involved in other projects with their guitarist Jimmy Page as well as on many occasions with Rolling Stone member Bill Wyman.




This band is after Alice they come from South Carolina, they have posted a couple times in the forums for your to listen and watch. Then now my review about these musicians who seems to have a great resume and history already. Their first song called who I am started with a great intro full of instruments then comes a higher calm vocal voice which sounds lovely. When they both sing it sounds great as well, and the guitar piece in it makes  the song finished and outstanding. In the previous song and in this song called love it I can hear emotions in their vocals and with those amazing instruments in it. Makes it very good material to listen, also in their lyrics is a message they want to tell with their songs. They have a great feeling for timing and rhythm in their songs, also I can hear they have both vocal power in themselves. You can hear this in 99 cold great instrument pieces and amazing singing parts, it is very uptempo I really love this. In a couple songs, they gave some much vocal power it is incredible Also what he does with his voice is amazing, it looks like a clenched voice while singing. What strikes me also in all their songs is the 60the and 70the influences in their songs, sometimes I thought I heard Bryan Adams. But no way this is After Alice and they have their own unique voice and style of playing marvelous music. In this song called  the singer really can hit all difficult notes, there could be in notes, and none of it is false this man is gifted with his voice. It is impressive he is  only guided by an acoustic guitar and then singing such a high vocally touching notes, I am really impressed by both vocals sounds both sing very expressive and high. As you can read in their biography, they have some experiences in making music and have already gotten airplay but this can be way more. I believe when they give a live show, they would make that day unforgettable in your memories. And I think your won't have a problem with that, they are amazingly good musicians and has to be heard around the world. Therefore, share these marvelous rocking artists as much as you can and give comments underneath this review. 




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