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Dec 8, 2016 3:59 PM

Aged Teen is an alternative/rock project by Dario Guarino, from Naples (Italy) This Italian singer-songwriter also played in another metal band, read my review on chat song listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

Aged Teen is an alternative/rock project by Dario Guarino, from Naples (Italy).
Dario recorded some demos and the self-released EP This is not an exit with a band, before stripping his music back to acoustic guitar and vocals: In 2014 a new "VIDEO EP", called Altered Images is being posted, video by video on YouTube.
Dario also sings in the alternative/metal band Nameless Crime and plays lots of acoustic shows in pubs and clubs as Graceland - one man show.

Above you can read who he is where from and his solo  project, he has posted in the forum his video and I found him so good. That I wanted to review his music, so here we go. What notice me is he has a real deep vocal voice with a little vibration, but it is very beautiful it does something with you when you listen. You can hear it in this song very good called night(who are you)? and the acoustic guitar at the background makes it very interesting. Wow, he blows me away with his high vocal notes in this cover song called You spin me round (dead or alive), what an original beautiful cover by this singer amazing. His voice is so unique and beautiful in the high notes, it does hit you inside when you listen to it. Altered images what a beautiful written and produced , amazing tunes, and melodies and then his magnificent voice makes it outstanding. When you look to him his appearances and his metal band, you would not expect that this singer can sing so varied amazing high notes. This song you really need to listen is wonderful written played and sung, this man has a talent in both. The cover songs he has done are really so unique and nothing like the original songs, Mad world Duran Duran. This singer-songwriter has a talent for sure, especially if you listen to this marvelous song called self-doubt. The intro of that song starts vocally very good, and when the instruments play it is like WOW especially that solo electric guitar piece. This man can sing varied notes I love it, this song is more grunge punk it is called Seaside Suicide great heavy rock sounds and then with his vocals, it makes the song so great to listen. Most of the songs I have heard has a great lyric with a heavy message or statement to the listeners, and good lyrics are very important. Just as in this song called shocking blue so brutally heavy rocking sounds in it, and with his voice makes it  top quality punk music.  

I just found out he made a new album called plaster with his band Nameless Crime, so I will listen to these songs as well. The first song is called Slight summer depression, and it has amazing tunes and melodies that part with that amazing instrument piece in it Again that voice and the lyric makes the song so good, I really love their style. This song called desolation is also greatly written and sung, I hear the emotions while singing it and it gives me goosebumps. The intro of this song the sound is awesome, and then when he opens his mouth you are in love immediately with this song, great rock song. My credit for the songwriting in all of the songs and the expression of it is wonderful. When you listen to years of grief, you know what I am trying to say that song hits you inside.  I included the link to the newest album together with his band, you really need to listen to that amazing album.  

This singer-songwriter sings the best in songs he feels comfortable with funk or punk or cover songs he loves to sing, but after listening to all his covers and demos and album called This is not an exit" (2012). This singer-songwriter is a real talented singer and musician, I think when he gets a good record studio that whatever they will produce with him, all will be a hit song.

This singer-songwriter needs to be heard around the world, therefore share this review as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review. 






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