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Dec 13, 2016 10:45 AM

Southern California #HardRock band Swirl, read my review on Chat song listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath their review.

Swirl was formed by guitarist Duane “DT” Jones in Washington State. The earliest version of the band scheduled a recording session in Southern California, but due to a scheduling conflict, the original drummer was a last minute cancellation. One brief phone call later brother Brian “Bam Bam” Jones was brought in to record drums and became a permanent member of the band. Swirl went on to release their debut CD ‘Out Of Nowhere’. The disc was produced by Carlos Cavazo (RATT/ Quiet Riot) and Matt Thorr (Rough Cutt/ Jailhouse). Swirl toured the United States and Japan in the early 2000’s and achieved moderate success.

In 2008 “DT” entered the recording studio of Cinderella drummer Fred Coury with vocalist Alfred Ramirez. That session gave birth to the songs “Adrenaline” and “Sleepwalker” (both songs were produced by Fred who also played drums on the tracks) and reignited Swirl. The two songs led to management interest and tour offers. “DT”, Brian and Alfred recruited bassist Shane Carlson to finalize the lineup for Swirl.

Between 2011- 2012 Swirl had a musical makeover and began writing and recording new music. The band removed themselves from the LA area to record at Baxter Rd studios in Wildomar, California. The members of Swirl decided to use the lessons learned from previous recording session mentors to self-produce the new material with post production and mastering done in Lake Elsinore, California with James Rieger.

Above you can read a part of their biography, this band has posted all their links into the forum so  I decided to review their music. read it here. Their first song is called fourth of July, the intro starts already very good with lots of amazing rocking instruments. The lyric is great written, and the vocal of the lead singer is very unique and a bit grungy and noisy but it fits the hard rock genre.  Their next song is called my time to fly and man they used  lovely instruments and tunes int, this is good rock. it reminds me a bit of AC/DCbecause of the unique vocal the lead singer has and the rhythm of the song, I am really impressed by their skills on songwriting, playing and singing. This band knows how to make good rock, and I think when they will play live at gigs and festival the whole hard rock crowd would adore them and their music. The song called Spell great melodies and instrument pieces, it makes you wanna dance and that is a good sign. And even I don't know their lyrics I want to sing it, maybe it is because of the how they wrote their lyric and the messages they want to bring to the listeners. Their latest song named rise up, again such a great rhythm and beautiful lyric written. I like their music a lot and there are some magnificent instrumental pieces in it, sometimes because of all the different tunes and melodies in it,  the song is a bit chaotic but that is only in this one. And it is not disturbed, they have for sure talent in making good rock as it is meant to be brought to the listeners. The rest of their songs are really awesome made this is a band who has to be heard around the world, and I am pretty sure lots rock music lovers and radios will love their songs, it is a bit old fashion rock. And that is what I really love about their music, that is the power of this rock band. They will have a bright future ahead mark my words, to make that happen for them, share this review and their incredible awesome rock music as much as you can. 



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