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Dec 20, 2016 11:09 AM

This is Slik Helvetika from Philidelphia, they Celebrated 28 years of blistering high energy melodic metal. Staying true to founding philosophy: We should only make music we love. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review

Slik Helvetika is a celebrated 28 years of blistering high energy melodic metal. The band has stayed true to its founding philosophy: We should only make music we love and our records need to stand tall against our all time favorite records of all time. The band hails from Pennsylvania with roots stretching from the early 1980s when the band was called DESTROYER. The history spans all the way back to the legendary Empire Rock room in Phila which spawned the superstar Cinderellas and Britny foxes of the 80s and includes many former members such as Kjell Benner from Quiet Riot and Skull, Mark Bennet from Mindmaze and current members Vern Parsons from Howe 2 and Chris Metzger of Sinister Realm and Type 14.

Above you can read their biography and it is also to read on their website, then now my review about this metal band from Philidelphia. They have released a couple songs which can be heard on their account and channels, the first song is named the money tree from their album destroyer. Money three starts with a great instrumental intro drum kit guitars and other instruments, the voice of the lead singer is unique and fits the genre of the songs. The solo guitar piece in this song is marvelous and awesome to listen, he does remind me a bit of the band Kiss and other similar rock bands. This song High on you has a great lyric, great instruments, and good rhythms. The fact that the vocal of the lead singer is so unique it makes it very interesting to listen to their album, His voice is low raw and pure. My credits to the instrument players, it sounds very professional. Heal me has again good lyrics, you feel they have a lot of energy while playing this song. When listening to this song called Burnt, the vocal in the intro of the song was very calm and different than in the other songs I have heard. I like this song a lot it has great rocking tunes and with that different vocal, you can hear his voice can sing more notes. Wow, the intro of this song called hafnium is amazing, lots of great instrumental tunes. This song has good potential for being played at metal festivals and radio stations, it is one of my favorite songs till now. All is good the lyrics, the sounds, and his vocal is amazing and at his best. This song is also very amazing recorded, it is called reign. It has great tunes and melodies, great songwriting and awesome instrument parts. I must say in all the songs they have used amazing instrumental parts, which makes it amazing to listen to it. In some songs, he has a very high (scream) vocal and in other songs lower notes. But all that he does with his voice is unique, in this song skies you can hear how unique his voice I like it. What strikes me the most at this album is their magnificent variety of sounds and vocals. And again the intro of this song called ride is full of awesome instrumental sounds and very rhythmic, just like all their songs it is great metal. I have to admit some songs are better and more metal than other songs, but my opinion is they make amazing music and it has to be heard by metal lovers radio stations and labels. Therefore, share this amazing metal band as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review. 



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