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Dec 30, 2016 12:03 PM

We are a heavy metal band from Brasil, South America, we love heavy metal music. Read my review on ChatSong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

The Inner Call band emerged in 2009 in the city of Salvador in Bahia (northeastern Brazil), under the name of “On The Rocks” the band consisted of musicians from other bands known in the region as Postmortem and Faction. Due to the discovery of other bands named “On The Rocks” the name was changed to “Inner Call” which is also the name of one of the compositions of the band.

In 2009 launched the demo-tape “On the Roads” whose promotional shows yielded good response for the band, as a result of this impact were selected to participate in important events such as the festival Valent Rock along with Andralls band.

The band took a break in their activities due to drummer address change, and for this reason, the band had its headquarters and activities transferred to the city of São Paulo with a consent of Bahia musicians who leave the group and new musicians of the city of São Paulo were incorporated. Guitarist Ricardo Oliveira was the first member to incorporate the band at the time along with drummer Luiz Omar, but guitarist chose not to proceed with the work and the formation it was defined with the musicians Fabio Lima (vocals), Rafael Perera (Guitar) Renato Passero (Guitar), Regis Farina (Bass) and Luiz Omar (Drums / Backing Vocals).

The band with this new training began writing and recording their debut album, the CD “Inner Call” which contains eight tracks and was released in late 2015, the record depicts an everyday world of ordinary people, leading a normal life, subject to pressures at work, experience with drugs, personal frustrations and many fears.

Due to internal problems, the Inner Call band fell apart during the release of the debut album and with the return of drummer Luiz Omar to Salvador where the Inner Call band returned to have their registered office, new members were added to the group, by end, the band thus stabilizing the musicians Roberto Índio (Vocal), Alexandre Vitorino (Guitar), Benson Lisboa (Guitar), Uiliam Rock (Bass) and Luiz Omar (Drums/Backing Vocals).

This heavy metal band is from South America, they have made in 2015 an album called Inner call and soon release their newest album elementals which previews can be heard on their Youtube channel. Then now my review about this heavy metal rock band from South America. The first song on their oldest album is called the dark ages, what strikes me immediately is the amazing instrument skills they own. Which makes the song a pleasure to listen if you like heavy metal, and I do like it. Also in that song an amazing guitar solo included, their vocal lead singer has a very low voice but fits into the genre. Mostly heavy metal songs have deep raw vocals almost noisy, and not a lot of bands have the good combination. This heavy metal band has that tough, great lyrics great instrument parts and good vocals for heavy metal. their song called ride from hell has a perfect intro at the beginning with exhaust sounds from a motorcycle or car, and again such an amazing instrument parts with good lyrics.  And I really like that raw vocal the lead singer has, because when he sings it the message and lyric of the song come trough in your mind. The songs named reason start with an amazing instrument intro it makes you wanna headbang on it, that guitar solo in this song is so lovely to listen. Again my compliments to the songwriter of this band, all of their songs are great written. My favorite songs of that album are reason and the payment, the others are good too but these two are the best. In those songs are amazing instrument parts which make it awesome to listen, and also the vocal are better somehow in these two songs. Not that it is bad in all the others songs, but these two stand out for me. I just listened to a preview song of the album which will be released soon,  and it sounds promising. I am pretty sure a lot heavy metal lovers would like their songs very much and also a couple songs off their album are great for metal radio stations and hard rock. Therefore share this good playing heavy metal band as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath their review. 







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