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Jan 2, 2017 5:23 PM

Recording artist, songwriter, composer for film/TV, player of keys, disturber of peace, student of life. Human being. Read my review on ChatSong listen to the song and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

Before the Hammond Organ, the Keytar, the microcontrollers, the mic, the flashing lights, there were always the songs Emiko wrote. Written under the dining room table when she was six, then moving to various studios around the US, Japan and
Europe, and finally settling in L.A., Emiko has what can only be called a "whoppingly paramount" catalog of over 3,000 songs including #1 pop songs, R&B/soul songs, full theater and film scores, J-pop, and so much more.

Deeply rooted in classical music, Emiko began her career at the tender age of just two and a half, retiring as a concert pianist by age 12. This impressive catalog of 3,000 songs has been put to good use; recognized by the Songwriters Hall of Fame in her early 20's, it was clear Emiko would make her mark as a songwriter and performer. She's graced the pages of Billboard, Music Connection, FM Sound, Keyboard Magazine, and countless other publications as an award winning songwriter for SONY/ATV, Universal Music Group, InGrooves, Fontana, and now 37 Records/McJames Music Publishing.
Her music can be heard worldwide on TV shows, in films, and even on the theater stage.  Known for her incredible ability to write complete songs on the spot (yes, music and lyrics), Emiko serves as Hammond Organ's songwriting clinician giving lectures and workshops at Sam Ash Music Stores nationwide, educating and inspiring songwriters of all levels, ages, and genres.She is a roster artist for Hammond Organ, Alesis, Baldwin Pianos, Daisy Rock Guitars, On-Stage Stands, Blue Microphones, ampifier Microphones, and StarrLabs Technologies.When she is not touring, Emiko spends her time writing words that rhyme and music that sounds good in Los Angeles where she lives with her family and, apparently the neighbor's cat, Snowflake, who has hijacked her doormat.Emiko wrote "Simple Love" about her son. It's the ultimate love song to express the simplest and purest form of love. And in today's world that is filled with such war, grief, strife, and unhappiness, she strives, through music, to bring smiles and happiness to everyone she meets and performs for.



Above you can read a part of Emiko's biography and resume, which you all can read on her website. then now my review about this singer-songwriter from Los Angeles and Tokyo. As you can read she has written a lot of songs, this song "Simple Love," is her latest single she wrote and will be released officially January 17, 2017. Thus I have the preview to review it and you can purchase her single on her website till it is released. Then now my review about this versatile singer-songwriter, the song has a beautiful intro with piano, then comes her pure voice and I immediately have goosebumps. I can feel this song is written with emotions, I can hear it in her vocals. Her song is called "Simple Love" and has a beautiful message to the listeners, and she gives me hope and strength in these hard times with all the problems in this world. I get touched by her song she sang for her son, and she sings in the song I saw your tears and you make me cry, she made me cry and happy with this beautiful song. For a minute when you listen to this song, you forget all your worries. When a song does that it's magnificent you become very quite in your inner side, this proof she is very talented and is very professional. I am speechless, this song is wonderful. I believe when she performs this song live on stage all the audience will become speechless, and smile at the same time. Emiko is a magnificent singer-songwriter and her songs have to be heard around the world. Therefore, share this song review as much as you can and purchase it. I will review more of her later, she is now focussed on this song "Simple Love." But I am a big fan now, and very honored with this amazing talented singer-songwriter on ChatSong.




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