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Jan 3, 2017 11:28 AM

Reggae/Dancehall/Pop artist Born & raise in Jamaica, read my review on ChatsSong listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

Dancehall/Reggae singer "SEKUENCE", born and raised in Jamaica now based in the United States Tri-State area. SEKUENCE is known to many for his first official song and video for the single "Emotions" that was used to introduce himself to the general public and media along with others like "Have You Ever Loved", "Mamacita", just to name a few. SEKUENCE recently did a collaboration song with Trabass entitled "Dem Nuh Real" that is featured on his EP album "Trabulation" that peaked at number 1 on the iTunes reggae chart. SEKUENCE has now decided to branch off a little more in dancehall by introducing his now single "Coca Cola". The song "Coca-Cola" is a remix of 90s Dancehall, styles, and modern Dancehall, Which appeals to both young and old fans of dancehall music.

Bookings can be done by contacting his team https://twitter.com/Teamsekuence

This singer is Sekuence he is born in Jamaica lives now in the USA, his genre is Dancehall which is never reviewed before, so this singer will be the first. His newest song is named emotions you can hear the vibes immediately, and yes his voice is mastered a bit but it is not disturbed it sounds pretty awesome.  In a certain way, you totally forget about that, because his music is wonderful to listen. His second song is named Coca-cola, it's a mix between old and new dancehall as you can read above. The song has immediately a great vibe his vocals fits the song very good, the beats and tunes used in it make it a great dance song. The accent he has while singing is marvelous, and I really love his vocal in this song although it is mastered in some parts of the song but it is awesome it gives the song more power. This song is amazing dancehall as well, it is called Wasteman lovely tunes and beats. That is why they call it dancehall I guess haha, on this good music you wanna dance all day long. I can hear many styles in his songs, from reggae combined with dancehall and pop. This singer makes incredible music, he is very talented. Wow, this song is very good, it is named have you ever loved amazing dance tunes and beats. This song is world class material, this song is for all ages and very modern. I dig his music a lot my credit for the producers of this song, they know how to make every song of him into a world class hit song. Especially hum na na I really love the lyric it is kinda funny, but the sounds are stunning and very lovely to listen. The song turn me on has again those magnificent dance tunes and I really enjoy his unique vocals, mark my words this amazing dancehall singer will come very far in the music industry. The songs are all in different genres like pop R$B reggae and dancehall, what if is more Rb mix with pop and very beautiful in this song.  I can hear more of his unique voice, some pieces are mastered in his music but its perfect done almost not to hear. I am now by the song called Mamacita and again amazing produced, this is high-quality music. I really love all his songs they have good tunes and melodies and makes you wanna dance on it. I believe when he performs live all the audience would clap for him and dance on his incredible good music, this is material for MTV and Billboard. This singer has to be heard around the world, his music is very good. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments and star rating underneath. 






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