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Jan 3, 2017 4:29 PM

This Singer-songwriter is Nathalie Miranda from London, her mother promoted her on social media and she followed me first and I asked are you a musician? The answer was NO and said my daughter is, so I followed the daughter and listened to her songs. Read my review on chat song, listen to the songs and give comment underneath this review.



This Singer-songwriter is Nathalie Miranda from London.  Her mother promoted her on social media and followed me first. I asked her if she was a musician, and the answer was no,  my daughter is, so I followed the daughter and listened to her songs. Read my review on chat song, listen to the songs and give your comments underneath this review. 

Nathalie Miranda, a fantastically talented singer/songwriter from London, writing fresh, provocative words and melodies, which when coupled with her vocal range, give a new and exciting sound. Nathalie grew up in North London listening to her Dad's record collection. She says "I loved listening to Etta James, Aretha Franklin plus 80's big vocalists Whitney Houston, Cher, and more recently Christina Aguilera and at the age of 3 I decided to be a singer." 
"I want to make music that matches who I am."

Above you can read who Nathalie Miranda is, and what her influences are. Her mother sent me her channel and accounts, and when I had spare time, I decided to listen to her music. Here’s what I think about it.  

Her first song is named Bulletproof and wow… her vocals are beautiful. She has a unique voice, very deep and low, but she can also sing in higher octaves. This is what I call undiscovered talent. She has it all; the voice, and amazingly written songs. I was literally blown away by her vocal power. This singer-songwriter is one who will go very far with her deep unique vocal.  

Wow, this next song gives me goosebumps it is called ‘Red Light and from the intro it is magnificent. She writes very good lyrics, and when she opens her mouth, you are in a trance because you want to hear her beautiful vocals. The song has beautiful melodies and this is high-quality music.  

Her song ‘Is this Love?’ is very up-tempo. I am very impressed by this singer. She is the next pop star, mark my words. She can write, sing, and looks beautiful. She is an artist I would listen to all day and I want to have her album. I have no words. I can say she is a gift from God. I can't believe what I am hearing it is world class music.   

This next song she has sung has so much soul. It is amazing to listen when she sings it. It is called Aint nothin like this’, and it’s veryrhythmical and jazzy.  

Hotshot’, also written by Nathalie, is wonderful and beautiful. It sounds a bit jazzy and soulful at the same time. Like I said, she has vocal power and you can hear it in this song. Her music is produced so well. All her songs are amazing. There is no song I can criticise. She is really wonderful and is born for music. There a few people in this world who have it all. She is so good I can’t describe it anymore haha! 

What I can say is this singer-songwriter is way better than a lot of famous singers. She has sung a lot of songs, and all are incredibly beautiful like this next one ‘Right on Time’. Her vocals reach very high notes even with her deep, sounding voice. I like the vibration she has and the power. She sings a sentence in this song you came in and changed my life well, Nathalie, you changed mine when I listened to all of your songs.  

I am speechless, touched, in shock, surprised and happy at the same time, because of what a star I have on ChatSong now. She does a lot with your emotions, and that is what good music does to you.  

Wow, this is unbelievable what she sings in her song You ‘I got a smile on my face… you are the one’, well YOU are the one that will break through in this world and soon will have lots of sold-out concerts and maybe will perform with many famous artists. 

I believe she will soon have a Grammy award, as all her songs are at that level. She has done two covers, one from ACDC and one from Amy Winehouse, and that cover song really made me speechless. Her vocals in that song came so close to Amy herself, and it is a wonderful tribute to her. A lot of new singers do covers, but there are few who have their own unique voice and make it their song. What I’m trying to say, is that it does not copy the vocal exactly, to sound the same as the artist. Nathalie does not do that, because she sings it in her own style and makes her own version of the cover. This talented singer has to be heard around the world, therefore share this gifted singer as much as you can.  







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