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Jan 4, 2017 12:27 PM

This is Luka he is a guitar player and singer-songwriter, they are a studio project from Croatia. Really melodic/Ambiental/rock/metal-oriented project. Read my review on ChatSong listen to their songs and give comments and star rating underneath

Hello, guys. My name is Luka (guitar player/singer/songwriter), and I'm coming from
Croatia. 33 years old, playing guitar for last 15 years etc.


This versatile artist is Luka from Croatia, as you can read they started a project with instrumental and melodic rock and Ambiental music. But he is also a singer-songwriter and has posted the video's in forum and chatroom for you to listen, then now my review about this artist.

DREAM FROM SALONA their first instrumental song has marvelous guitar sounds and again very good produced, it is musical pleasure for your ears. On this music, you can close your eyes and let the music guide you to a place you want to be, very stunning. Wow, the end of the song with the falling raindrops is wonderful, perfect chosen.

The second song is instrumental and seems to go about RISE OF DIOCLETIAN (Ave Imperator, Morituri Te Salutant) a roman emperor. History is one of the things I like very much, about that time zone Romans period. The intro has that magnificent sounds of a king who arrive in a village, very interesting it keeps you focussed it is just if you listen to music in a movie from that period. The songs have beautiful melodic sounds the guitar work is very professional, it is really a musical spectacle this should fit perfect in a movie or television show. 

 This song Night In Japan has again such a wonderful melodic sounds, very beautiful and incredibly made. There are a couple intro songs of the upcoming new album, very amazing to listen to these players have some skills. My credits for this project and the instrument players, but one of them does not only play guitar he does sing as well. There is one acoustic song called Don't Fear The Reaper acoustic/vocal cover, and he can only play guitar well but has a stunning vocal sound too. His vocal is pure and has a little vibration on the notes, but he can sing beautifully. I hear potential in this singer-songwriter, and mostly my ears not lie. I really hope on their next album it will not only be instrumental but I like to hear more from his vocal sound. Besides that they make beautiful instrumental music, this has to be heard around the world. Therefore, share these talented instrumental artists and singer as much as you can. 






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