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Jan 5, 2017 11:03 AM

Selahphonic is an indie pop band from the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Read my review on ChatSong, listen to the songs and give comments underneath this review

Sunshine Coast-based indie-pop quartet Selahphonic have just delivered their latest single ‘Easy’ – the follow up to their anthemic cut ‘Ghosts Of 1999’, which since it’s April release has been widely embraced by Australian tastemakers.

Since greeting the industry only in 2014, the past 2 years have seen Selahphonic tour Australia’s East Coast to warm receptions, also crossing the Pacific Ocean for the third time in their short lifespan for a US Tour and stop offs at Canadian Music Week, New York’s College Music Week (CMJ) and Culture Collide (LA) where their live show received high praise from critics and industry figures alike.

This indie pop band is from Australia and has submitted a while ago, so today I going to review their music which you can read now. Above is their biography short but effective, they exist 2 years now. The new single they released is named "easy" it has a very great uptempo melodic sound in the intro, his voice is unique a bit high it fits perfect in the tunes of the song. This is a good pop song, the chorus stick in your head and you want to dance on it. And I think what they sing in the marvelous lyric "won't give it up easy" that is what I hope they will do too. Their next song is called "Ghost of 99" again good written lyrics and marvelous tunes and melodies, in this song his vocals are stunning he can sing all notes. If I listen to this song, I hear a new pop band like Kensington and much more who are played on a daily basis on all TV shows and radio stations there are like MTV and Billboard and so on. This song " heartbreak heartbreak" is really marvelous, this is world class music very high quality. I am sure when more will listen to their awesome pop music they will be signing autographs and have a lot of fans and groupies around the world. I like their tunes and melodies a lot, it is uptempo and rhythmic especially in this song " kids of Hollywood" forget ONE DIRECTION focus on this marvelous band. The intro of this song called "Bones" is beautiful immediately his stunning vocals and then that melodic tunes makes it a hit song potential. Wow, this band is really MTV material, this song called `laterns´ has it all for breaking trough around the world, the vocals the lyrics, the tunes, and songwriting.  I have listened to their whole album and I am very happy and impressed by their stunning music, and very honored they submitted at chat song. Because this band is the new band you will see everywhere at every music chart and shows channels. I feel inside they will soon be touring around the world and belong at the charts of MTV and Billboard or BBC, therefore share these stunning artists as much as you can and give comments and star rating underneath






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