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Jan 5, 2017 1:38 PM

Sulpank is an indie rock band based in Valencia (Spain) we compose, produce and record our songs, read my review on ChatSong listen to the songs and give commennts and star ratings underneath this review.

Sulpank is an indie rock band based in Valencia (Spain). We compose, produce and
record our songs. We make the music we want, the music we like, the music we wish
someone ever has recorded. Unsigned, without professional recording studio and no
producers or external sound engineers. We do it all ourselves. We are free, we live
music with passion and we put all our energy into our songs. Sulpank members are Toni Altarriba (Drums & percussions), Daniele Caprari (Lead guitar), José C.Monforte (Vocal, guitar & keyboards) and Santiago Tomás (vocals & bass).


This band is SULPANK they submitted a while ago, so now I will review their debut album which is released in 2016. They are from valencia Spain, glad they found CHATSONG so they get a chance being heard and discovered. Their first song is named "will" the intro is full of beautiful melodies and the vocal sound I hear are very good, I must say I can hear the accent from Spain singing in English it make the song more lovely to listen. I like their cheerful uptempo melodies by piano and orchestral vocals and rocking guitar in it, a great mix very good material. Their next single named "something different" have great melodies and tunes again it has more pop style than rock, the guitar, and the drum work is the only part where I could say this is rock music. I really like this song "the effect of the moon" it has a great rhythm and stunning guitar pieces, by that their songwriting is very good.  I really love their vocals and backing vocals in the songs it sounds really talented, this is what I call undiscovered talented artists. I guess not for long anymore, they got a lot skills in singing writing and playing the instruments. In this song "my guitar" the music is stunning and real rock, only the music goes to fast for his vocals if that make sense. You can hear in this song " brave" the difference between the previous vocals and now. This is again stunning and great material for a lot festivals and rock radio stations around the world. I am impressed by this band they got a lot potential, "miss america" is one song that has great instrument pieces and wonderful tunes. In this song "lost" the  songwriting is marvelous with emotions in it, this song is one of their best it has it all I call this song Hit potential it is awesome. I am already at their latest song " dont't cry baby" I like this one good tunes amazing vocals and instrument pieces it more quite than the previous song but its lovely. My opinion these artists from spain have a lot talent they got potential, and have to be heard around the world. I think when they play a live perfomance they sound even better, these songs have to be heard worldwide and pick up by record labels and radio stations. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments and star rating underneath it. 






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