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Jan 7, 2017 11:55 AM

A Duo cover band from South Africa, LZ addiction formed by Lyndi-lee Smith and Zakk Styles just started working together as a cover music band in late 2016. Read their first review on ChatSong, listen to their songs and give star ratings as well as comments underneath this review.

LZaddiction is a cover band collaboration by Lyndi-Lee Smith

 (Pinned-Up Jazz) and Zakk Styles (Black Bone nation)  https://twitter.com/blackbonenation


There are many ways to describe these two people as both of them are independent artists with original songs, shows, and brands.As Lyndi-Lee Smith "Singer Model Actress", and Zakkstylesartist started working together they both realized
that the world of Rock n Roll and sexy Jazz Cabaret should come together and share the art of music and performance.

While Zakk Styles from Black Bone Nation rocks the stage with a guitar and the vocals of a rock star, Lyndi-Lee Smith from @PinnedUpJazz mysteriously locks you in with her sensual yet growling vocals.

Thus far @LZaddiction is a cover band of most commercial music, with repertoire from acoustic jazz performances to hard-rock shows! For more information please contact us via Facebook or email (info@lzaddiction.co.za) and book us for your next event!

Above you can read their introduction and how they found each other to work together. Zakk styles is also a member of Black Bone Nation (facebook.com/blackbonenation) which are also reviewed on ChatSong. Then now my review about this duo; they are a cover song band bringing rock and jazz together and I am pretty excited to write their first review and listen to this mix. The first song is called “Mercy” from Shawn Mendes, and to be honest, this version is almost equal with the quality of Shawn himself, they sing marvelously together. Zakk has a touching vibration in his vocal, and she can sing very pure and high. A great duo together. Their next cover song is “I got you” by Bebe Rexha, and you can also vote on their cover for MTV of the month suggest do it because these two are stunning.( the link is below to vote)

The vocals of Lyndi-Lee are gorgeous she has a vibration and can sing high
and low pure. Now I for their last cover song they did (I am pretty sure they will make much more) this song is named “My medicine” by The Pretty Reckless, and her vocals are so marvelous in this song, she has so many notes she can sing.

And Zakk… he is a versatile artist as he sings marvelous and plays awesome guitar. Damned both of them are real talented singers, I knew Zakk could sing awesome because I reviewed earlier his other band - Black Bone Nation - on the site.

These artists have to be heard around the world, and hopefully together with his other band Black Bone Nation. Therefore, share this wonderful duo from South Africa as much as you can, and give comments and star rating underneath this review.











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