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Jan 8, 2017 1:36 PM

I make music alternative rock under the name Astral Cloud Ashes. Currently, Writing/Recording new material coming soon in February, read my review on chat song. Listen to his songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.


Formed in January 2016 and based on the Island of Jersey, Antony Walker writes and records all music and words under the name Astral Cloud Ashes. The only exception to the otherwise ‘solo-project’ is Basingstoke based Jason Neil who performs Backing/Additional vocals on some tracks. Having released the band's first Music Video filmed in an allegedly “haunted woodland” deep in Dartmoor earlier this year, Walker and Neil plan to release a new album track every 2 months from Astral Cloud Ashes already attention grabbing Debut ’Too Close to the Noise Floor’ [July2016]. The Debut has received a warm reception from music lovers and industry tastemakers so far, with critics often praising the main hallmark of Walkers style, namely his “Layered guitar sounds” and “frequent changes pace and fee

 All songs and lyrics written by : Antony Walker (Jersey) Recorded and produced by : Antony Walker (Jersey) Backing/Additional Vocals : Jason Neil (Jersey) Drums (track 6) : Max Saidi (London) The songs were then Mixed in London UK in August and September 2015 and the album features Mix credits from 4 different Audio Engineers in addition to Antony Walkers own Mix Credits. Mixing Credits: Mixed by : Gareth [The Fold], at The Fold Studios (London) Edd Hartwell, at Soho Studios (London) Paul Miles, at Select Studios, Chocolate Factory 2 (London) Daniel Szanto, at Music Studios London or MSL (London) Antony Walker at Mapley Studios (Jersey) The finished Mixes were all brought to Oxford in December 2015 and were Mastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio.

Above you read his biography and who he is and where he comes from, he has also posted his music into the forums. So now I will review his debut release in 2016, I start with the newest song named, the man  I had to become. The intro starts with magnificent instruments drums and guitars, his vocals are wonderful really raw and pure. I like the hoarseness very much, it defines him as a singer. Then his next song is named to close to the noise floor, again stunning sounds in the intro and marvelous voice. This singer-songwriter is really talented and good songwriting. Wow, I am impressed by this singer-songwriter. This is high-class rock music, very beautiful guitar sounds, and other instruments. All the songs are wonderful produced, very rhythmic and uptempo, just unbelievable good rock songs. this song "flashback" stunning intro and stunning songwriting, this music is worldwide class rock. I am blown away by his talent in several areas, although he has in some songs a backing vocal which sounds marvelous too. If this album is already incredible, what will his next album be this is one you need to keep an eye on. because I believe when more will listen to the music he soon will be touring around the world and be on television channels for music and more. I am a big fan now, the song "grateful for the ghosts in house" wow I am speechless his voice is so unique and beautiful. And he can play very good the guitar, my god this is really a pleasure for your ears. And it is the first time I even good goosebumps by an instrumental intro haha, in this song "our holiday" just marvelous. He has it all to break trough in this world, the writing the skills and that unique vocal. And I am pretty sure, radio stations and labels will find this very good, this has to be heard around the world. Therefore, share this rock talent singer-songwriter as much as you can and give comments and star ratings!




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