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@InfectedSun2016 twitter

Jan 10, 2017 1:37 PM

InfectedSun A house based producer from the UK started out in 2016, has already completed work on their first EP titled Perfectly Chilled which is signed to Blue Coffee Records. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review

Infected Sun, a bedroom based producer of Chilled deep and uplifting house Music Chillout, ChillHouse, ChillStep, Ambient styles of music created.

The style of music ranges from Chill house/step with a dash of Deep house thrown into a compliment. The influences behind the music are from such artists as BlueSix, Zero7, Kygo and  Moby to name a few.

Above you can read his influences and which genres he make music in, he is already signed and has released his ep under the title Perfectly chilled under the name of Blue Coffee Records, then now my review about this versatile deejay from the UK. The first track is " Thinking about you" feat Samantha, it starts with melodic intro lovely uptempo beats and very rhythmic also with the vocal added into it is good produced. This is music you want to hear on festivals, in clubs, and at radios. He produces good quality EDM music and, I can imagine Blue Coffee Records wanted to sign him. His next single is "Destination Unknown" also with singer Samantha, it is more quite and relaxed to listen to it. Great production again, well done this is music for laying on a sunbed by the ocean and close your eyes and listen to the voices and sounds. Then this track called "peace and harmony" again with beautiful tunes and rhythm, this time he has another singer Justin and Justin has a stunning vocal for this genre EDM it matches with the song. This producer has a feeling for producing electronic music, and choose good vocals to add in his music. I believe he likes the work with other musicians vocally, I have listened to varied genres and varied singers. I like this track very melodic and good vocals again used in it, each track has different tunes and beats that are good for a producer to show his talent in many ways in making music. The best song, what is more, my style is "headlight " that is house music on a high level what easily could be played at a lot dutch house festivals. This song has the style of Martin Garrix who also became famous from out of his studio at his bedroom. Wow, this song is marvelous "Watermat" awesome beats more progressive and with those vocals, it is very stunning. This song is good material for house music lovers, radio stations and dance festivals all around the world. also, this song " you want me" lovely produced it is more vocal trance then deep house but it is magnificent. This Bedroom Dj will be soon playing his mixes all around the world especially the more progressive house and deep house mixes, he is very talented in producing electronic music in any genre and style. This has to be heard around the world, by dance festivals and electronic radio stations. Therefore, share this amazing talented deejay and producer as much as you can and give comments underneath this review. 





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