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RANDY HARRIS blends pop, rock, jazz, and several other genres to create refreshingly new, different music. With catchy melodies and provocative lyrics, his songwriting and musical style has been described as “imaginative and unique”. Read my albums review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give star ratings and comments underneath this review


With his new CD “MATTERS FOR CONSIDERATION”, released September 16, 2016 (digital and CD), RANDY HARRIS has created an album of songs that he describes in his own words as, “A collection of songs for those I love, those I've loved and lost and a few songs just for fun!” The first single release from the CD, “OFFERS” currently has approximately 50,000 + online plays.

The current roster of the band includes veteran musicians with significant recording and performing experience, including Randy Harris (piano, keyboards and vocals), Jeremy Dalton (bass, guitar, percussion and vocals), Danny Thompson (electric and acoustic lead guitar and vocals) Dennis Liszcz (drums and vocals and Jan Kranch (saxophone).

No one has ever been able to attach a “label” to RANDY HARRIS' music style. It's not like he sounds like.........or sort of like......NO, he sounds like RANDY HARRIS, a unique blend of pop, rock, jazz, funk and a few more genres all rolled into one.

With his unique musical style, it's a sure bet that RANDY HARRIS will be known to music lovers everywhere.

Above you can read all their genres, and they have gotten a lot of plays on their Reverbnation. Read my review of their album "Matter for consideration". the first song is called "offers" the intro is lovely great melodic tunes and great "jazz" sounds with the saxophone, piano, and all other instruments. It takes you back in time where they play in every club or restaurant jazz and soul music and in these days with all the electronic music its nice people still make good old jazz music. This song "don't tell me you love me named has beautiful lyrics, with emotions in it" and blending sounds and melodies very lovely.  I can notice they play and write music with passion and feelings, it is in their souls very touching to hear it in their songs. When you listen to " 12 AM" the story of the song is touching emotional and hopeful great additions to make it a hit song. Their vocals are very high but so pure, great feeling for rhythm and timing. You can hear it in this song " hardly a girl around" the guitar sound and instruments in it are amazing. Wow, my credits for the whole band the writing, the instrument players and their vocal sounds. I really love their mix of genres in the songs, the intro of this song " tell you about me" is really stunning. This music you want to listen every day it swings amazing you want to dance on it. I am really smiling while writing the review and my attention goes literally in listening to their wonderful melodies and tunes this music is high-quality jazz and entertainment, the songs are very well produced I love this very much. I must say in every song they have such a high vocals, that there maybe people going to say critics (not me) "I hear varied songs but all the time those vocals".  I find these high vocals you hear fits the genre they play music in, a deep vocal would be very odd because it is uptempo and full of beautiful sounds and melodies. So for me their music is awesome, and they know like I said how to play and sing and let people even forget misery and grief what is going in around the globe. I looking forward to hearing more of these magnificent artists, their music is good material for jazz events and radio stations all around the world, I believe they play live even better I would certainly buy a ticket of these artists when they will tour around the world. Here in my country, there is a wonderful jazz event they would one day play there. Therefore, share these artists as much as you can and give star ratings and comments underneath this review. 






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