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HonoreMusic twitter

Jan 16, 2017 11:52 AM

Your friendly neighborhood Pop/ R&B singer/songwriter Honore from Los Angeles, CA. Looking to inspire the world with my sounds of SuperFantastik Pop and R&B. I just released a new video to start 2017: My Name is Honore read my review on ChatSong listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

In this era full of oversaturated, manufactured artists, a refreshing new talent, emerges -- Honore' (honor-ray). This songwriter/singer/producer, originally from Altadena, California has spent the majority of his life cultivating and honing his craft. Hailing from ethnic descents of Creole (African American & French), and Filipino, Honore' reflects the same diversity in his universal style.A singer who puts on a great show, whether he's performing on stage solo, live with his band, moving fans with dance choreography, or writing and producing songs, his originality and professionalism completely separate him from other artists. Honore' writes, sings, and co-produces all his material. He describes his music as "smooth R&B with a soulful backbone to it." He's an artist that is incredibly versatile, a true presence on stage, and his songwriting is lyrically personal, yet universal. I released 2 single’s in 2016, both available for download on iTunes and just released a new video " my name is Honore"

Above you can read his biography and his music genres, which you also can read on his website.  This singer-songwriter started to follow me on my Instagram account, so I immediately wanted to listen to his music, thus we talked about my project and he liked it and wanted to be reviewed, so here we go. His latest release is " my name is Honore"  The intro has a dramatic sound and the video seems visual to show about violence and humiliation but when you listen to the lyrics he fights again that and find strength in himself and they can"t take him down anymore.  The song is very uptempo great melodies and beats, he can rap very fast and sing very good. The song is incredibly high-quality music, the lyric stick in your head it is a very modern song great mix of pop and RB with rapping pieces, I like this song very much. This song has hit potential for all major music networks all around the world. This song is a remix "good times" featuring Lawrence P, the intro starts with a rap piece and almost talking, with awesome beats and then when he starts to sing it get that beautiful RB and pop sound, he is very talented. His vocal are with a hoarseness and he can sing high and low notes, it fits perfect in the melodic tunes of the song. He has also done a couple of covers which one is from Justin Bieber "love yourself" and it sounds marvelous very refreshing cover. Not copied the vocals but made the song his own, and that is lovely when artists decided to cover a popular song it has to be sung in their own vocals and sounds. Also, in this cover, you can hear that he can hit all notes, not only sing and rap fast but also sing easy and high. Wow, really this singer has a beautiful vocal, especially way better when he sings the cover songs. This cover "Still madly Crazy" it gives you goosebumps and that notes he can reach that is wonderful. This singer-songwriter has a lot of variety in his vocals and songs and put his feelings and passion into his songs. This great producer and singer-songwriter have to be heard with his versatile music by fans radio stations, and labels or other music networks. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review. 




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