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Jan 17, 2017 10:48 AM

A small rock band emerging from Stockport, England - Debut EP 'A State Of Mind' out now. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.

Matter of Mind is a 4 piece Alt Rock band from Stockport, that carry an arsenal of
melodic weaponry. They hold pop like vocals infused with loud guitars and raw energy.
They are all 18 years of age. Back in January 2016, the band recorded their debut EP ‘A State Of Mind’ which was released on 23/04/2016. The EP was Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Ben Sansom of Lower Than Atlantis. It was greeted with some fantastic reviews from some very respectable people within the industry:
“They deliver a set of songs that have those who’ve seen them salivating at what’s to
come. There’s an intelligence behind these big rock songs that isn’t always evident
with new bands”- Louder Than War “This is loud music! This is good music!” - Clint Boon “ Matter Of Mind - Not long turned 18 and only played a few shows but it’s clear from the tunes and the buzz whirring around the band in Manchester, Matter of Mind are pretty damn special” - This Feeling / Fred Perry Subculture
“The ‘A State of Mind’ EP is pure class, a stunning debut release from four 18-year-olds
” -GigSlutz The band are set to release a new single titled ‘Far Too Wrong’ in early 2017. The single will be accompanied by a music video.
With the band playing the Manchester gig circuit and turning heads along the way, they
hope to broaden their horizons even further and make a bold impact in 2017.

This band is Matter of mind, they have just released their debut ep " a state of mind" they have posted into the chatroom, which I had to remove due circumstances. But I place all their links into the second forum to listen and to share, well then now my review about this relative new rock band. The first song on their ep is called " a state of mind" The intro starts with an amazing tune and then the tune goes harder and more elements used in it, I like the "megaphone" style while singing, he can sing very hard and very good it reminds me of much famous rock band muse and Linkin park. Which make the song incredibly amazing to listen, this band makes very good rock music.  They are for sure a band who are incredibly talented, a band who will conquer the world with their amazing songs. I think they got a bright future ahead, they make stunning music they maybe just started but they sound very experience. This song "coffee stains and migraine again such a wonderful rocking intro, their lyrics are also wonderful written and when the lead singer open his mouth wow he can reach very good octaves and it is all pure. Even I never heard their song before I want to sing their lyrics and chorus, the production of the song is wonderful. Wow, I am very impressed by this young band, they deliver music on a high level of performing. My credits to the producer, the songwriters,  the lead singer and all the other band members. This relative started band could easily stay on stage with Kiss Linkin Park and much more well-known bands and you should barely hear the difference between them by performing. I am now at their latest song it is called " Silence" again wonderful vocals and sounds this is really world class rock music. I am pretty sure, this band will soon be touring all around the world or maybe have a label this is top quality music.  This band has to be heard around the world, by fans of rock by the radio stations and any other music related companies or industry. Therefore, share these upcomming rock legends as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath as much as you can.

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