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Jan 19, 2017 11:56 AM

Righteous Reprobates are a four piece rock band from London, England. A hard-hitting band with melodic hooks, read my review on chatsong and listen to their songs. Also, give comments or votes underneath this review.

At the heart of Righteous Reprobates are the songwriting talents of Rob White (Guitar,
Vocals), brought together with Charlie Kenny (Drums), Jack Griffiths (Guitar, Vocals),
and Jack Collier (Bass).The guys have an album of worth material already recorded, which includes being mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. The band has already had some impressive reviews and radio play. Pure M stating ‘This is a band with plenty of potentials’.

The band has been making a buzz on the London live circuit too, with promoters &
bookers frequently putting forward dates and offering them the headline slot on their
bills. Citing major influences such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. What makes this band stand out from the crowd is that all four of them are impressive musicians armed with great songs that cry out to be sung in stadiums and festival the world over. Rob’s songwriting features meaningful and memorable lyrics, inspired melodies and harmonies. The band delivers a menacing sonic wall of layered guitars, each song infused with effortlessly slick riffs and grooves: a fitting canvas for the relentless surge of hooks and anthemic choruses that define a fresh sound that truly impresses and cries out to be heard.

This band is from London and has submitted a while ago, did not have the chance to review it. Therefore, I will do it now you read it now. Above you can read their influences and statements about this indie rock band. Their newest song is " Broken toy soldier" the song start with an acoustic guitar intro and very melodic sounds, it reminds me indeed of what their influences are I hear The Beatles in this song coming back, their sounds and vocals. I really love this song, it is good material it has good vocals and good songwriting.  Their next song is " Why would you let me go" again this song has great different sounds from the 80the 80the and earlier. If you listen to this music, you almost think they played in that period haha. What strikes me the most about these two songs it has great tunes and melodies and vocals, it is a pleasure to listen very uptempo and just how music must sound with the great additions in it. Wow, the instrumentals sounds in the intro of this song " bane of my existence" are marvelous, If I listen to the older songs I must say I do not hear many variations while singing, tough I hear in every song other sounds and instruments. The first two songs are in my opinion more their style which is also their best two songs. But when you listen to this song " We go with what we know" I hear the variation in their vocals especially at the end of the song and the chorus between it. I like their instrumental sounds, they can play well the instruments no doubt about that and their songwriting is stunning. What I listen now I also find it a good song, it is " Breathe when I need to" with beautiful melodic rock sounds and I can hear more of what their vocals are capable of. I think this band has potential, and I hope they will continue with the style of the first two songs. I believe if they use that 70the and 80the influences, with the variation of vocals and I, have heard they can sing different notes they will come very far. I also think when they play live a gig they sound even better, then judge songs on recording because it depends on the environment and how the recorder of the music platform has uploaded it.  So their music has to be heard and shared no doubt, they can play and sing very well only my opinion is "rock" is not their style I think they fit more in playing sounds from their influences like the first two songs. 

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