MurmurTooth update

MurmurTooth update

Nov 29, 2017 1:01 PM

Once a band, now a solo project, Murmur Tooth is the songs of Leah Hinton. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, sometimes grimy, sometimes beautiful, not for elevators, not for dancing. I have written a review earlier about MurmurTooth because it is now a solo project I will rewrite everything. Read my new music review on chatsong, listen to her songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.


Once a band, now a solo project, Murmur Tooth is the songs of Leah Hinton. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, sometimes grimy, sometimes beautiful, not for elevators, not for dancing.Leah grew up in rural New Zealand playing classical piano and wanting to be a doctor.  At 15 she heard Nirvana’s Bleach album and everything changed.  She began teaching herself guitar and decided to study music instead of medicine.  At university, she formed an avant-metal band and spent the next 10 years playing around Australasia and Europe. Leah formed Murmur Toothsome years after settling in Berlin, Germany.  It was here that she became fascinated by the possibilities of the recording, mixing and producing process as an extension of the creative songwriting process, and she built herself a home recording studio.“Dropping Like Flies” is the result of this.  Written, played, recorded and mixed by Hinton, it is her attempt at capturing that dark, awesome, spine-tingling feeling that she first felt when she heard Bleach all those years ago.



This is Murmur tooth, formerly existed out of two members, now it is only Leah Hinton. Above you can read her biography, she has just brought out her new singles and music videos with zero budget. I loved their music before, so I am very curious how her new songs would sound. So I will start with her older releases, working towards to her newest single" Dropping like flies".

Her oldest release is " Of memory" not so old tough it is from 12 days ago. It starts with a beautiful piano work and then a beautiful humming sound which gives you goosebumps right away. I love her voice it is dark with emotions and with a hoarseness, together with the piano, it is a masterpiece and very emotionally loaded. 

Then we have " The Accomplice" it has a wonderful intro, it is a great intro with haunting tunes, great written lyrics and the way how she has produced it is really amazing. Love the wind instruments and piano work in it, it gives the song an extra emotional touch. Besides that, she has a very good vocal and brings over the lyric of the song very good. 

I am listening now to " Interlude" again a very beautiful dark intro with the piano and other instruments, she is not only talented in singing but as well in playing and producing music a multi-talented artist. Sadly the song has a short duration, but maybe this a song she will bring out later. 

Then there is the song " I will never" she starts with a deep dark vocal, the message in the lyric is heavy and emotional she sings it so touching. I am really impressed what she is capable of on her own, and how she makes each song touching and beautiful. 

Then we have " a belly full" and wow this is amazing, it is more uptempo and it has a familiar sound I heard earlier from when they were a duo. I love this song, it so lovely produced and played. I hear so many lovely instruments, and her voice is really stunning in this song.  This song is great for many radio stations and festivals, it is a great home-recorded song which deserves more attention from you all in the music field. 

I am listening to her newest song " Dropping like flies" great intro with magnificent tunes, and that amazing deep vocal. I love that darker sound, and with her voice and all the instruments you hear in each song makes it even more amazing. Especially she recorded this at her home studio, with almost zero budget. I am blowing away literally, I like her new direction. I feel this is what she always wanted to make, I can hear that in her performances and vocals. She feels very comfortable singing these dark songs, and most of these songs could be used in a movie or television shows with a dark theme. It would sound perfect in the background with that lovely dark touch. She is for sure very talented in singing, producing, writing songs and making the songs to life with her deep and dark vocal, and thereby brings over the lyrics in a special way to listeners. So if you read this, as a studio, radio, fan, record- label listen to all her recordings and maybe give her time to record a proper album. She should be heard with her new songs anywhere, therefore share this multi-talented singer-songwriter as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 


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