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Jan 20, 2017 3:11 PM

CRANE is a Southern California band. Their first single and music video released 1/17/17. The single Fast Life is about the pitfalls of seeking fame in Hollywood. The next single will release in 2 weeks. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

For a long time, CRANE was just me recording songs in my room,” says the band’s frontman, Bobby Crane, “and it probably would have stayed that way if I hadn’t believed in what I was doing enough to leave my bedroom and get into the studio.” CRANE, as it is now, had...

This is CRANE MUSIC, they just released their debut single " fast Life" they are planning to release soon a new single. So, for now, I will review their single. The song has a beautiful intro, and his vocals touch you inside wow what can he sing excellently. You can hear an accent while singing, but I love his accent. The song has a great lyric, it has all to become a modern pop single, The melodies and tunes in the song are stunning. This is what I call undiscovered talent, they started at home glad they made this song in the studio because it is marvelous and hit material. Wow, there were a couple songs previously recorded and damned the EDM mix with Crane is unbelievable amazing he did it together with a DJ Wagner, the song is named "Can you save me " this is so stunning produced its music for a lot of dance and house music festivals. Also, for a lot of EDM radio stations and festivals. That song is really MTV material and more major networks. Their music has to be heard by a record label and radio stations all around the world, it is very uptempo and man what a lovely modern music and not to forget his vocals are wonderful even as the background singers in it. So to help them being heard worldwide, share this single review as much as you can. I am a big fan now, and can not wait on their new singles.  



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