WBedfellows twitter

WBedfellows twitter

Jan 25, 2017 12:03 PM

These singer-songwriters or band is Wbedfellows he has posted his music video for the first comment forum, now I will review his music, you can read it here on Chatsong.

The oldest song I came across on his Youtube channel was "lily" from his album in 2015 "Act normal" and it is a very melodic uptempo song with beautiful instruments in it, like piano and many more sounds. The vocals are very high but fit the style of the song it is more folk pop, because of the combination high vocals and uptempo it made it a very catchy song. This song " king of shadows" has a magnificent intro with great melodic instruments, their style is lovely I like the high sounds and high vocals used in it. You can hear a mastering in his vocals, but it is not disturbed and it seems I hear an echo in it as well. This music is great music for a lot of bluesy and jazz radio stations and festivals the additions of the wind instruments and other beautiful sounds makes it high-quality jazz music. The intro of " shakedown" is very amazing lovely bells and instruments, the lyrics of these singer-songwriter are stunning and has a meaning to the listeners. Wow, this Wbedfellows is really talented in both singing, writing and use beautiful jazz and blues additions in all of his songs. I really dig his album it is wonderful and high-quality music when you listen to this song " some fine day" you immediately want to dance on it, and it has a high level of entertainment perfect for festivals around the world. They know how to make music, there is so much soul into it also in his vocals and that is why i created chatsong because if I see on their videos only 2 likes and 26 views which is unfair because this is incredible  good music. Otherwise these undiscovered talents would never be heard and getting more views and known wich he deserve. Each intro in  the songs start different but have all amazing tunes and melodies, great rythem in the music. If you listen to this song " get help" you hear some 70the and 80the style in his music, it is really wonderful produced. I would certainly buy an album of this great music, and certainly want to hear it live. This song " invincible " is more electronic and but it has a great dance tune and his vocals sounds stunning in this song altough it is a little bit mastered and that gives this song more power. And this song I going to listen now he has posted into the comment forum it is named  " collision" again with great melodies and electronic style but it sounds marvelous. Which let me think if all the sounds are used with electronic sounds? even tough it is amazing music. When I listen to "right to the edge" the intro suspect electronic additions, which makes the songs even more wonderfully.  The intro is really amazing which is also named " amazing" again great lyric and great electronic dance additions. The vocals in this song are lower and more pure, so he can sing many notes different and good. His newest song is " turn it on " wow the vocals in this one are so high and pure, I deffinility hear in this song a woman singing, and she can sing amazing. This band or singer songwriters are really talented and need to be heard worldwide at every festival radio and more there is for musicians. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give votes and comments underneah it                                                                                       


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