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@alfredonorese (Nors Music) twitter

@alfredonorese (Nors Music) twitter

Feb 6, 2017 3:16 PM

Music producer from Argentina, working with talents all around the world. Productor musical de Argentina. Read my review about this Argentines music collaboration group and listen to their music underneath this review.

We're artists collective from different parts of the world, led by Alfredo Norese, a talented producer, and musician from Argentina.
We want to introduce you to NORS, our more recent project, composing, producing and performing pop tunes. Nors is the result of the combined talents of Alfredo producing and composing, Brandon Haygood from Texas (USA) writing lyrics and Tolu Salako from Nigeria singing.

We love to make music even we didn't make it (considering we don´t live off making music) why? I like to think that our music is flying over all the world..it's the only thing that matters, have our music going somewhere outside of our studio

These artists come from a lot of countries and working together now to make pop music, read my review about their music. The newest song they made is " maybe forever featuring Rob Maude You can hear his vocal is programmed with a software but in this electronic song it is not disturbed and during the song, you hear his own vocal.  This song is a great song for a lot of dance and pop radio stations, it has marvelous tunes and melodies which are nowadays very popular among many music fans. Their next song is " happy to have you " again a lovely electronic song this time the vocal is not produced with software. This song has potential to become a massive hit song all around the world, the dance tunes the vocals and the lyrics are amazing to listen. The first two songs you could easily hear among famous dance music artists with vocals. I really like their variety and different lead singers, this song is sung by a lady it is named " Maybe I am wrong" again great quality dance music she has a very good vocal sound. This song " Leave it to me " is acoustic more pop ballad and no electronic sounds in it and wow I love the wind instruments used in it, and her vocals are magnificent it makes this song wonderful to listen.  This music group has a lot of talent skills great collaborations and wonderful vocal sounds and electronic dance tunes in some songs. This song " Take her place is top quality pop music, this song has a lot potential for major networks like MTV and Billboard and others. I believe this group will come very far around the world, I mean they have a lot wonderful singer in it. Especially the singer in this song " you make me feel alive" has a wonderful deep vocal and he can sing high as well very beautiful and with the guitar and the electronic tunes make it outstanding material to listen. You really need to listen to this song " one-sided world the female vocalist has a powerful vocal and with the melodies and tunes used in it makes it even better. My opinion these artists with their music are much and much better then a lot you hear nowadays on the major networks. All their songs are diverse and with the amazing vocals and dance tunes in it, you can't stop listening to their music. My favorite genre is house music and anything related to electronic music, and this song " U rock me" is very amazing produced and with that vocal voice, it could be on much House and Dance radio stations and festivals around this world. To make that happen, share this review with these amazing diverse music group as much as you can and give comments and votes underneath this review. 



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