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Feb 7, 2017 11:08 AM

From Ottawa Ontario Canada the Elegant Devils are: Drew James (Lead Vocals), Rob Frank (Drums/Vocals), Josh West (Guitar), & Josh Barkley (Bass/Vocals). Each member comes to music from a different angle, Read my review on ChatSong listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

From Ottawa Ontario Canada the Elegant Devils are: Drew James (Lead Vocals), Rob
Frank (Drums/Vocals), Josh West (Guitar), & Josh Barkley (Bass/Vocals). Each member comes to music from a different angle but leaves their own impressive mark on the sound they make. Despite coming from very different places on the musical spectrum, They embrace their unique individual parts to create music that is powerful,
emotional, and fun all at once.

How we met:
Long time friends Drew James and Josh Barkley laid what would be the foundation for the band. Another mutual friend, Jason Deley would be the next to join. Up next was Rob Frank who Drew had met through his day job at the time. With the line up complete, The band started playing shows and working on material together. As time passed, life took Jason in another direction. The result was Jason's departure and the
addition of Rob's friend, Josh West. With Josh on board, the band resumed playing shows and working on new material. With one studio and one live EP already released, the focus has shifted towards material that will make up their first full-length


This is The elegant Devils above you can read their biography, which you also can read on their website including all of their other music accounts and channels. They have posted in the forums, for you to listen to one track they made. Then now my review about this rock band, from Canada. The first song  I listened was " Loaded gun" it has amazing rock tunes and I like the use of a megaphone or something similar, it fits in this song. I like the instruments used in it, the drums and guitars but most of all I love that voice sound they used in this song. The same is also to listen live on their Soundcloud and man what has the singer in this live performance song a great vocal reach. This singer Drew has a stunning vocal and sings very beautiful in the high and low notes, you can hear it in this song " Bigger than me" it has been broadcast at Chuo Fm and it is wonderful. Wow, he is an incredible singer his vocals give me goosebumps, especially in this song " amaranthine" the lyrics the sounds the vocals makes this song high-quality music If you put these next to let's say Kings of Leon you hear barely a difference between this performance or a performance from kings of Leon. There are a couple recordings from live performance but when you listen to these songs "  it is great quality recorded live performances you can listen to these songs on their SoundCloud and Reverbnation. And this song " divebomb" has a marvelous instrumental intro amazing rock sounds, great drum work and other instruments I really dig this rock band They have great written songs for breaking trough worldwide. I Feel when more will listen to these talented rock artists from Canada, they would soon have a lot more gigs and fans worldwide. These songs are perfect for major networks and festivals, it has it all to become a well-known rock band worldwide. I mean when you listen to this song for example " just like that" it could easily belong at Billboard and MTV like the singer (RaggnBone) so good quality has this song. This rock band I am shocked they are not signed yet and being heard much they are very talented in making music, writing songs singing and playing the instruments. When you listen to this song " lie with me" you smile you are in shock that these artists make so incredible high-quality music, and the vocal of the lead singer makes all songs a massive hit potential.  I can believe this band is on ChatSong now, they are undiscovered talent and need to be heard with a priority around the world. Therefore, share this review with these future famous rockband as much as you can. And then is it great to know they posted at chatsong and now with a review as well.  I am touched and speechless with this incredible band on my platform. 








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