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This is Toronto's answer to melodic punk rock band BROOMFILLER, read my review on ChatSong listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

BROOMFILLER is Toronto, Canada’s answer to melodic punk rock. Blending melodic vocals, bass lines and rhythmic drumming with a very energetic live show enables them to easily stand out.

“The album kicks some serious ASS !! Full of great hooks and riffs!!”
Trikeman69, Trike's Trax BROOMFILLER is compared to Foo Fighters holding hands with Millencolin and Bracket while sitting on a park bench built by Jawbox & Husker Du while eating a sandwich prepared by Bad Religion and washing it all down with a stiff drink mixed by Face to Face. “BROOMFILLER is proving that guitar drove Punk Rock is still alive and well” Matt Hartwick, Kingston Music Reviews Enlisting Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker the Star / Lindsey Buckingham / Courtney Love) to produce, “Third Stage Propellor Index” which was released August 28th, 2015.The Single “How Long, So Long” climbed up the BDS Bullet charts starting from #228 to #128 in one week, as well as hitting the Top 10 (#6) on the 365 Radio Network and Charted #1 on both Radio Banks Australia & Sommer Valley FM in Somerset, UK! The music video had just over 6000 views only 2 months after posting on Facebook. Currently, the video has just over 12K views and counting! “damn easy to listen to...very tuneful and as catchy...” Mosh, The Moshville Times In support of the new album, the band toured Western Canada (17 shows in 18 days) during September / October 2015, taking them from Toronto to Vancouver and back, as well as an Eastern Canadian tour July / August 2016, which took BROOMFILLER to Charlottetown, PEI and back (12 shows in 11 days).

“It's tricky finding a balance between punk and musical, and BROOMFILLER does it well.” Bob Mersereau, The Top 100 Canadian Singles Recently awarded the FACTOR Demo Grant, BROOMFILLER plans to hit the studio to begin pre- production on new music this spring. Watch for many more music videos and show & tour announcements coming soon near you!!!

This melodic punk rock band is BROOMFILLER also posted in the forums, they are from Toronto Canda. Their biography and all their music account's you can read and view on their website, then now my album review of this band. The album is named " Third Stage Propellor Index " and the first song I going to review is " How long, So long " it is their first single. The song starts with a great instrumental rock intro, and when they begin to sing your ears immediately hear wonderful vocal sounds and it makes the song at first listen already amazing.  I also notice they write lyrics with emotions and a message to the listeners, that is a good sign it keeps your attention by their lyrics. This song " Figure It Out Quickly " has again a wonderful intro with amazing tunes and instruments, they can very good the instruments in a professional way. This kinda music you want to listen live and every day at home, and when you have bought a ticket you would have a very good performance of their beautiful rock songs. This song "Tears Me Apart" is written and sung marvelously it makes it great hit song material for radio stations and rock music related industries and fans. I am now at their newest song " Ordinary Day " this is really good rock music and they can sing very good also together in this song a couple times, this is a new talent in any way in playing as well singing and writing the songs. Their songs have good potential to become well known worldwide on radio stations festivals and other rock related channels or networks worldwide, their album is amazing and very good. I am a fan now and when they ever going to play a gig in the Netherlands I would be the first to buy a ticket. This band and their album have to be heard around the world, they are too good to not being heard. Therefore share this review as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

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