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freddd1205 (FJB band) twitter

freddd1205 (FJB band) twitter

Feb 8, 2017 12:09 PM

We are just guys who love music. We write, we record, we have a good time, and hopefully all that spawns some decent music. Read my review on ChatSong listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.



The band came together when we met Jimmy Sengwaketse, a brilliant talent stuck in Botswana. He kindly played on our CD FJB Band, producing as well. The band was formed by Fred Bridgens who writes most of the material and plays guitar and lead vocal, with Ron Van Wyk on bass and harp and vocals, and Jimmy Sengwaketse on lead guitar and vocals. We have no rules or specific genre, we play the songs as they present themselves, leaving us somewhat surprised at what was intended and the finished product.

This is FJB band they have recorded 10 songs which I will be going to review, their biography and the reason why you can read on their ReverbNation. The first is " You don't notice" it has a melodic intro with great instruments and tunes, the singer of the band has a vibration and hoarseness in his vocal which sounds perfect by the background sounds. There is a lot of rhythm in the song with the tunes and instruments, very lovely to listen but what strikes me the most is that unique vocal sound he has. This song " social amputee" has a more rock sounding intro, the song is written with a message in the lyrics to the listeners I like that.  Also, the sounds and melodies in this song makes it very interesting music to listen. What I am listening now " drug song" has a marvelous instrumental intro as well it makes the song very good if he is the best vocal singer maybe not but (Madonna) is also not the greatest singer, but with the music, it sounds amazing just like this singer. And with the quality of the instrument players, it sounds lovely. I think he has a good voice and a unique one. Some who will be going to listen to it maybe will say there is no diversity in his voice or high notes. Only when you understand the lyrics and why the vocals are lower you get the point of it. These song they have written are emotional and with feelings, you can notice it as well in the titles of their songs like this one " Suck you right in". My credits for the songwriter and the band members, they have some skills and makes the songs very lovely to listen. Their best song I find " the other side of the world" here the singer has a higher vocal and that sounds amazing I believe it is a different singer but at the end, you hear the lead singer perfect combination of vocals, this song has more potential to become a hit song. And " no one to talk to" I like a lot as well trough the wind instruments and the emotional lyrics and tunes in the song. It has a great chorus as well, you want to sing it yourself very well produced. Wow, this song " anchor in" is great produced and sung as well, very different use of vocals from the first couple songs I heard. Here you can hear his hoarseness deeper vocal but also his higher octaves especially if he sings Anchor in just wow. I take back what I earlier he maybe not be the best singer I have heard because he shows some variety in the other songs and sounds very awesome like in this song " no sign of rain" That is also the reason why I carefully listen to all their tracks, to hear if there are variety and diversity in these songs and there are. Also in the intro of the songs, there is variety and that can make a song even better.  And in this song " it was a sin" they sing all three and it sounds marvelous together, also a very great guitar solo piece in it. Wow, this singer has different notes in his vocals, because if you listen to " ice ice coming" he sounds again very good and calmer from the other vocals he used in the songs. I believe I have listened to all their songs there are some very high-quality songs in it, a few songs are not their best but it can be a matter of wrong recording or other things. That does not change my opinion about that this band is very good and has to be heard with a lot of their songs around the world. Therefore share this review with these varied and diverse artists as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 




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