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Melotikamusic twitter (new release review)

Melotikamusic twitter (new release review)

Feb 11, 2017 10:03 AM

Urban/ indie/ pop duo MelotikaMusic Toronto-based has released a new single named Unaware, read my single review on ChatSong listen to their new single give votes and comments.






This is  Melotika Music. I have reviewed their music before, a track called "Downtown Summer" which was very well produced. You can search their name in the search bar at the review page if you'd like! Their newest debut single “unaware” begins with a beautiful calm melody (harp sample). Mel Yelle's vocals fit perfectly in this mix. Mel Yelle's vocals are marvelous and have a wide range. The lyrics of the song is very well written and powerful. This song has high potential as it is very well produced and the vocals are phenomenal. This song has potential to be heard on major networks. I was a fan already of their unique sounds and vocals, but now they have impressed me even more and the quality of their work keeps getting better. These artists are very talented in making music and have strong potential in making it in the music industry. I believe with these artists, all songs produced are going to be a massive hit worldwide. Share these talented artists as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath their single review.

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