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Feb 15, 2017 11:33 AM

Narrow Plains has numerous awards, including recently being nominated as Best Country/Folk Act in the 2016 Unsigned Music Awards and also winning Hard Rock Rising 2015 at Hard Rock Café, London. Read my review on ChatSong, listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review






Narrow Plains has numerous awards, including recently being nominated as Best Country/Folk Act in the 2016 Unsigned Music Awards and also winning Hard Rock Rising 2015 at Hard Rock Café, London. In 2015, after winning the US online talent contest, Bands4Good, they recorded a live single “Choices” with legendary recording engineer, John Davenport, (Springsteen, Lennon, Stones), at his studio in North Carolina that propelled them to the top of the Reverbnation Indie charts. They finally released their much heralded, debut album (“Narrow Plains”) in 2016. Six of the thirteen, original tracks on the album have been selected as “BBC Introducing Track of The Day”. They formed in London UK in 2012, after writing and self-recording their debut EP “Somewhere In Between”. Originally a trio of Charlie Ferriday (guitar/vocals), Roger Connick (bass/backup vocals) and Stuart Connick (drums/backup vocals), Edd Simpson has recently joined on guitar and keys

This band is Narrow Plain they have already achieved amazing things, which you can read above. They followed me a while and now I may review their music. Read my review from these artists from London, They have also posted a video of their music in the first forum fo you to listen and reply on. I mostly review from new to older, so the first song I will review is " Belong Together". The intro of the song is beautiful it start with an acoustic guitar then comes a powerful male vocal, even the song is acoustic there is such a Rythm in it. What I hear immediately the singer can sing really all notes, it sounds very professional. I am not surprised they won several music awards this band performs on a high level. The next song is named " there she goes" man what are they good, my credits for the songwriting. Their genre is folk/country but with their magnificent input, they make folk/country hip again.  This song is very uptempo and you hear indeed country sounds coming back in it, but you will quickly forget that when you hear them sing. Wow, this song " I should've known" is very amazing sung and produced this is really high-quality music. The rhythm the sounds and timing while singing and playing makes this song outstanding. All of their songs till know have very high chances to become a hit song worldwide, these artists will be going very popular among teens and other music lovers around the world. Their song " ghost with those sounds and tunes and vocals reminds me a bit of the band 5SOS, I am speechless so good are they I not want to write but enjoy their music haha. I am listening to a live recording of the song " Choices" and man this is really MTV and BillBoard quality,  and many other famous music networks around the world. Their raw vocals are marvelous the hoarseness in the vocals with the amazing sounds makes the song really amazing. The lead singer of the band has such a unique voice, and he makes every song they wrote till a masterpiece. Especially in this song " on jo good" so pure so unique and so diverse, and each song has very beautiful tunes and melodies. I really love the additions of the folk instruments in many songs they produced, great instrument solos in mostly all songs. You know in the latest year there is come a lot of great new artists like SIA and RaggnBone and so much more, these artists will be among them soon. The song " So rewind" has that level of quality from the beginning till the end its sounds so stunning, I keep pressing the play button when the song ended haha. I am a big fan now and when they ever come play in my countries I will be their first groupie, haha, trying to score an autograph. And I like that all the intros of their songs are varied, and mostly all songs have a great chorus. When you listen to this song " Running to your door" even without knowing their lyric you want to sing with the chorus. And that is a good thing because when it is soon being on all bigger networks and they are touring around the world. All their audience will remember their lyrics and chorus so they will be singing hard and loudly with the band. And Remember lyrics can make or break a song, in this case, the lyrics make all the songs hit potential. I am at their latest songs " dreams" and " somewhere in between" both songs again very lovely intro and amazing written. And in the song " somewhere in between" I heard a higher vocal octave which is not heard before I thought and is makes it even more interesting and amazing to listen to it. This band is truly MTV and Billboard material and deserves to be touring worldwide, this is high-quality music and has to be heard around the world.Therefore, share these artists as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

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