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Mar 1, 2017 11:47 AM

Epic indie rock from South Yorkshire, definitely not house music or a shop in Copenhagen. Read their new singles review here on Chatsong. listen to their songs and give comments and votes underneath this update music review.


This band is house of amber I have reviewed their music before on Chatsong, now they released two new singles as a band. Also, one of them Dave started a new music project which will be finished in 2017, he calls himself aelita_red. When his project has finished, he will post his music links and videos at this website. Then now back to the review of the rock band house of amber and their latest released singles which are named " Citadel smith" and " Revo", I will start with Citadel smith. It starts with a beautiful electric guitar intro then followed by lovely drum work, his voice is so unique and it fits perfect in the style of the rock sound. This new song is really good in all, the songwriting the instrument playing and his voice have excelled in a magnificent way.

I knew they were very talented but with this new song, they proof they can make high-quality music and with this song I expect they will soon be performing around the world and having lots and lots of fans. Man, what an improvement I am very impressed by their new material I love it. I really want to listen and listen to it over and over again so amazing is this song. Then now their new song " Revo" is more laid back in sounds and vocals he has there a higher vocal, that shows how diverse this band is and their vocals sounds.

My preferences go to the first track I heard, somehow I have more the feeling that song defines their style and who they are as a band. Not that this track is not good, both songs are lovely produced but somehow his rawer vocals and power in Citadel smith seizes me more (attract). What does not mean that their new music is bad, in fact, they excelled in making music I was already a big fan but now my heart beats faster when I hear them sing and play. Their music has to be heard around the world by bigger music networks and charts, they are an upcoming rock band who will soon be known worldwide and play in the for programming of many famous rock bands. To make this happen, share these amazing talented rock artists as much as you can and give comments and votes underneath this review.

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