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Mar 6, 2017 2:24 PM

A new Electronic music project blends EDM Trance with Jazz & Rock overtones & some Ethnic. New sound taking DanceMusic 2 another level EDmFamily, meet Elephant State from Italy, read my review on Chatsong and listen to their music and give comments and star ratings underneath it

Elephant State

we have recently signed a deal with Pink Dolphin Records Ltd in the Uk for 2 single releases within the next year. We have signed 2 of our tracks, "Heritage" and "Elephantasia" and we are currently working on finishing the mixes and mastering for both of these tracks. The first of the 2 tracks "Heritage", we hope will be released and available in all digital stores online in June. 



Formed in 2014 by Cosmo Masiello; guitar, programming, recording, mixing and mastering and Gabriele Carbone; keyboards & programming.
Originally created as a Live EDM Music Set, that will work comfortably, both in small venues clubs and also on larger stages as openers for DJ Sets, Raves, and live concerts, the project has now evolved into something decisively more interesting, aiming to take Dance music to another level, both live and in the studio.
These two professional, top class musicians, both masters of their art and currently active on the Italian music scene as live performers and session musicians, have decided to join forces, resulting in an explosive mix of Rock, Jazz and ethnic styles, painted on an electronic foundation which blends the whole sound into one complete musical work of art.

Each original piece, a masterful and colorful mix of Electronic Music, Dance, House, Deep House, Techno, and Trance, with Jazz and Rock overtones and some Ethnic styles thrown in, is composed and arranged by Carbone/Masiello, into a single and unique canvas bursting with masterfully woven musical sketches that flow with ease into a delta of sound, bringing line, shape, form, colour, texture, light and shadow to even the most critical of musical ears. Elephant State is based in Italy but is willing to travel as far as necessary to promote their sound.



This Electronic project has his roots in Italy and above you can read their info and biography. What strikes me immediately is the diversity they say they have in their project like jazz and rock and more genres, That can be an interesting mix, and very original. Then now my review about these artists from Italy, named Elephant State. 

The oldest song is " Le rouche" it start with amazing dance beats and varied tunes, I hear many beautiful melodic tunes used in it with classical sounds and it is amazing produced great additions of bass and other sounds. This is a very good mix of classical sounds and house music, also one of my favorite genres so I am very excited to listen to their mixes. The song has a lot of different sounds so it keeps you interested to what will come more in their EDM mix. Their next song " Neuron" This mix start with a deeper tone but very dark but then higher tunes added in it wow what a mix already.  This is really good production,  all is good the sounds the additions and the mix of various genres in the song. I listened to a lot of EDM songs and producers, but these artists are very professional. And I AM SURE OUR COUNTRY WOULD BE MAD if they here these magnificent house music mixes,  and probably more countries who love EDM dance and house music.  This track start with higher tunes,  it is almost like someone is squeezing and if you hear an insect flying haha " Elephantasia wow really love that track with the hard rock guitar in it, it is very rhythmic and makes you wanna dance really lovely mix, and the longer the song plays  how more tunes get added and beats really sick I am sold! Wow, this track " Raise Mr "O" is so stunning and I know many famous dutch producers but these will soon be that famous worldwide. When I listen to this track it is like I am back at the festivals,  I always went to amazing House music and dance music festivals, they say it started in The Netherlands this Genre. But I have met now 1 deejay and this project from Italy. I would rather say the good EDM music is coming from Italy haha. Till now all tracks are so amazing to listen, very varied and diverse and I really love the storybook voice in this track " where is where". They made a couple other tracks on their other link at Reverbnation and those are all so good " le rouche" and  " raise Mr. O" several versions of those two track names. I really can't get enough of this wonderful EDM project from Italy, like I said this is professional EDM and all their tracks are high-level production. This project and these artists really have to be heard around the world by EDM lovers (electronic Dance music)  and radio stations record labels and festival management worldwide. To make this happen, share this review and their music as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath it. 

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