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Mar 15, 2017 3:04 PM

We're a rock band named OneManRevivel from the Northeast of England, UK - Listen to our debut album, read my album review here on Chatsong. Listen to their music, and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Forming only in the Winter of 2012; the band have already traveled a path that has
taken them from the depths of a broken city to the top of their game as songwriters, producers, philanthropists and ultimately, believers.
By aligning their unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic with a signature sound, singer/guitarist Andy Hanlon, bassist Kyle Smith and drummer Wayne Glaister help to define the landscape of today’s rock music scene. Blending moderate rock, with subtle ambiance and a bitter/sweet take on life, they launch themselves on unsuspecting gig goers with their highly energetic, and often-explosive live shows. One Man Revival have just released their debut album after a fan reach request gave them enough funds that they needed to do the whole process independently. Alongside the recording, the band is hoping to add to a relentless show schedule that they have had over the last 3 years.


This rock/pop band is OneManRevival they have released their album recently " ordinary world" it is also their first debut album ever. The first song is named " Be with me Anymore" The intro is immediately amazing lovely hard drums and guitar sounds, then I hear magnificent vocal sounds which beautiful high and low notes. This is a high potential future rock band, it has amazing lyrics and sick tunes and melodies which make it high-quality rock music with pop influences. The lyrics are so written that you easily want to sing hard with the text and it is very rhythmic so you easily want to dance on their amazing tunes. Their next song is " day by day" which also as the first song has a wonderful hard instrumental intro, with melodic sounds added. I really love their style does remind me of " Nickelback" and more related rock bands who are known worldwide. This band will go for sure in that direction, all is good their lyrics the sounds the vocals. Wow, I am really impressed by their instrument players, in this song " nice night for a barfight" it is quite calmer than the first two songs but very melodic and it suits the song and lyrics. The lead singer and background singer can do a lot with their vocal sounds, different notes I like that it makes them really a high potential rockband. This song " dreams" the recording seems to be troubled by some background noise. The first three songs are very different in sound and recording of this song. That does not change my opinion about this wonderful talented rock band, and their debut release with amazing rock sounds songwriting and vocals sounds. They have good songwriters in the band, " if the world should end" has a very good message to the listeners and with the sounds added like the guitar and the drum work this song rock. Beautiful solo's of the instruments in the song, Love it. " shipwrecked" start with a beautiful combination of drums and guitars, and again a powerfully written song. I am listening carefully to text and lead singers vocals, and I dig it. Especially the wow singing part at the end that sounds wicked, that part can make this song a hit song. And in this song " let it go" I really love the rhythm of the sounds, this album is written with emotion and dedication I can hear that in all their singles. Wow, these guys look so professional in the song recordings. if you listen to " temper" you fall in love immediately when they play the first note on the instruments and when they begin to sing you are blown away by the diversity in his vocal. I am at their latest song " Out of here" it seems they have some kinda enhancer or megaphone it has more elements of alternative rock. In this song I like the usage of that equipment, it fits in their style. I must say that all their songs except two others are amazing to listen, the two others are not bad but my preferences goes more to the other singles on the albums it seems more hit song potential. This rock band has to be heard for sure worldwide by rock festivals radios and related music networks, they make very attractive songs with amazing sounds and lyrics. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.

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