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Apr 29, 2017 2:10 PM

Chris Taylor having been a professional musician in his 20’s, in 2011 Chris had the opportunity to once again play professionally. Chris is able to give more time to his real passion for writing and performing his own songs. Read my review on chatsong and listen to his album, and give votes and comments underneath this review

Chris Taylor has been songwriting for many years, both alone and in collaboration with other musicians and friends. It is as a soloist (guitar and vocals) that he currently gigs most of the time but he also has a band to add that extra color as and when required. Having been a professional musician in his 20’s, in 2011 Chris had the opportunity to once again play professionally. Chris is able to give more time to his real passion for writing and performing his own songs. His EP 'Chasing rainbows' was released at the beginning of last year and was awarded the Akademia Music Award for Best Pop Rock EP in February 2016. ‘Meet me on the horizon’ won the Akademia Music Award for best Pop/Folk song in May 2016. ‘How beautiful you are’ won the Akademia Music Award for best Folk/Pop song in August 2016. These two tracks feature on his latest EP. The new EP, ‘Meet me on the horizon’ was released on 31 March and features his latest single ‘How Beautiful you are’. This has already been aired on a number of stations including BBC Introducing.

This versatile artist is Chris Taylor, above a short impression about his career in music. Chris has as you can read many experiences as a songwriter, and as a singer more your can read on his website. Then now my review about this versatile experienced artist, and his albums "meet me on the horizon" and " chasing Rainbows". First I will review the album chasing rainbows, and the first song is " new day" what strikes me immediately is his raw but high and very unique vocal sound and the acoustic additions in this song with the backing vocals makes it a high hit song potential. I really love the melodies and his exceptionally high sounded vocals a lot, the song has an amazing rhythm and makes you wanna dance on it. I can hear many genres in the production of his albums, like folk pop and blues.  When you listen to this song " Only in my dreams" you can notice he is experienced in writing songs, it's powerful and strong with a meaning. and a story inside it. " Chasing rainbows" is again very beautifully produced great high reaching octaves and I hear the passion and experiences in singing this song. He is an amazingly talented singer-songwriter with an amazing vocal sound, this singer will come very far in the music industry with his professionalism and unique touching vocal voice. And not always experiences and maturity will give you more chances in the music industry, it is more how you use this professionalism in the production and songwriting of your songs. Chris and his collaborations have done this marvelously in the production of both albums, which gives them a benefit in being heard worldwide. I am at the last song of his album " chasing rainbows" and wow this song " when I lie down with you" is so wonderfully with all those instrumental sounds and his exceptional vocals and written lyric of the song. I am very impressed by this singer-songwriter and his amazing produced album with beautiful tunes and melodies. I would certainly want to buy this album it is really high-quality world class music. 

Above is my review about his older album, now I will review his latest album " meet me on the horizon" with other singers. And his first single on this album is called        " meet me on the horizon" feat Lucy Mizen, the intro is lovely both humming and then his beautiful touching vocal, and again very good written and produced with fantastic brilliant tunes and melodies. I am blown away by his high pure vocals, and together it sounds even better. The drums used in this song are stunning, it is a powerful and beautiful duet I am sure when more will listen to this song they fall in love with it and want to buy it. This song has good potential for many music radio stations and festivals around the globe, these artists you want to hear playing live. Wow, this song "how beautiful you are" is from the start so good he has made this with singer Tom Peak and again such a high quality produced single. Beautiful trumpet and other instruments used in it, Oh man I really want to have both albums it's amazing! Like I have written before most of the recorded songs on the albums are hit song potentials. This song " No Regrets feat Howard Nash really touch me in my inner side because of the lyric and by only listening to the violin used in it. And not to mention how good both singers are and hearing the other instruments used in it. This song " in your mind" feat Colin Hartshorn has again such a beautiful lyric and instrumental sounds, I listen with all my dedication to this song don't want to miss a thing of this wonderfully produced album. I am at the last song of the album it's called " lost in your eyes" feat Frank mizen and I have no critic to say. The songs are diverse, beautiful written and it just touches you when you listen to him as a singer and to the other background singers and the sounds in all of the songs make it outstanding to listen. 





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