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May 3, 2017 12:38 PM

We are Shotgun21 from Crawley, West Sussex, a 4 piece band blending the sum of our influences (punk, 90's indie, grunge, and rock) into our own style of original songs, The band is Michael Jones (vocals guitars) Ian Pearce (bass ), Brian Poole (keyboards/samples) and Simon Helm (drums)

We have been playing locally for about 4 years but are looking to expand our gigging area, especially in the Brighton area. We have a new Ep launching on Friday 24th march at The Plough 3 Bridges Crawley....Cyclone Ranger Ep featured 4 tracks including the Ska-punk influences "Crazy kind of way"

This band is shotgun21 a 4 piece punk and other genres band, they recently released their album " Cyclone Ranger" which I will be going to review read it here on chatsong. I will start with their oldest song on their album, which is called " Crazy kind of way".

The intro is already very unique, fun melodies and tunes it is swinging a lot. I really love the instrumental sounds like saxophone and more, it is an amazing mix of various genres in one track it does remind me of ska. The next song is called " Ravey Davey" and the intro is wicked which makes it fascinating to keep listening, what more will come in the song. And what does comes is really lovely, so many rhythms and it makes you wanna dance on it. I like the combination of different genres and melodies by various instruments used in it.  This is so exceptional music its is so lovely to listen, When you listen to " Cyclone ranger" it makes you joyful and besides that the vocals used in it are stunning and the various sounds makes it outstanding material.  These artists know how to make music, all elements are so amazing. I like it when the songs are varied and have a different sound, in this song " Ivory snow" the drum work is on his own a compliment worth it sounds so good.  And when you hear the instruments and other additions added to the song, it really has you full ear. This album is wonderfully produced, each song is stunning to listen and I like the variety of tunes and melodies. This has to be heard around the world, this is what I call a talented band who deserves more known and performances worldwide.  Therefore share this funky rocking unique sounded band as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 





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