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May 4, 2017 3:13 PM

I'm a solo artist/audio engineer from Montreal, Canada. I've been in and out of bands since I was 15 years old. Music always had me so interested I tried to learn everything I could and now at 24 years old I work at a recording studio. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to his music and give votes and comments underneath this review.

I write/record/produce/mix/master for bands/artists in my area and try to give them the start and guidance I wish I had when I started out.
My main passion is still writing and recording my own personal music, I probably have
about 3 albums worth of material backed up. I'm looking to release a CD this summer that's going to be a wide variety of genres from acoustic to heavy rock.
Now that I'm able to work on my own, and have the freedom to release whatever I
want, I'm ready to show everyone what I'm capable of.


This is Alex Arbour he builds up some experiences in the music industry, during the years he works in it. He started on recording his own music, which I will review now. Then now my reviews about the songs he recorded, and the first song is " Piece of me"

It has already a beautiful intro just guided by a guitar, the lyrics are written amazingly with emotions. The song on his own is beautiful to listen, he has a good voice but he has used a voice enhancer in that song and that is not needed because he can sing very good in his other song " Drown Front porch Step" And if I am correct I hear more vocals in that song there is written he and his friends covered the song. I really like this new song " backseat" his voice does remind me of blink 182, this song has a lot potential to become a world-class rock hit. They tracked vocals, mixed and mastered the ENTIRE song. You can hear the mastering in it, but this time it isn't disturbing. The thing with mastering vocals is they like it or they hate it, it can make or break your song if you do not use it correctly. If I most compare between " backseat" and "piece of me"  would choose backseat. Not that piece of me isn't good, somehow I am more attracted to his other produced songs. This artist produced also songs for more musicians, at his Soundcloud which you have to listen. The tracks I listened there are very amazing produced, and sounds really good. There are some songs with a high potential for a lot of music networks. I will include some of his work underneath this review, this is a versatile artist to follow his musicianship career and work. This man and friends definitively have to be heard and shared around the world. To increase fans, streams known and more they earn it for sure. And I like he want to help all kind artists with their music, Great job love it.





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