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May 13, 2017 5:18 PM

Matt O Keefe musician, Singer/Songwriter, & Audio-Engineer: Letting my fans perceive the world through my eyes and ears. Read my song review on Chatsong, listen to the songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

This versatile artist is Matt OKeefe, has provided me with two songs called " Too late" and "Sinner's Tongue" and has posted it into the first and second artist forum for you to listen.  Too Late starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar intro. Then, wow, that voice comes in. His pure vocal performance has a vast dynamic range and is delivered with such emotion and passion. You can tell that the lyrics were well thought-out before they were written. This song was written with full potential (both musically and lyrically). This guy doesnt fail to impress. Not to mention the great quality that Too Late was recorded in. That being said, this artist has the potential to go a long distance in the music world.

I did some digging and stumbled upon another song by Matt OKeefe. Its called, "Sinner's Tongue. Again, never fails to impress. Amazingly created by this brilliant artist. Both Sinners Tongue and Too Late was fully produced from the song writing to the recording/mixing of every instrument.

Both songs have a high potential to be a hit, whether it be on the radio airwaves worldwide or published to a movie or television network.

Matt OKeefe, without doubt, is a talented singer/songwriter and I cannot wait for new releases.  He has to be heard and discovered around the world. With that being said, please help spread the word by sharing his music as much as you can and provide us with some votes/comments located underneath this song review.




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