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May 16, 2017 11:51 AM

Judd Hoos is an American Rock Band based in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Breathe In was released just over a year ago and charted number 23 on the iTunes new rock charts. Since then the band has spent the past year finishing the full-length album, Music In The Dark that is set to be released June 2, 2017. Read my album review on chatsong, and listen to their preview singles on the provided digital outlets at their website.

The constantly touring band resorted to their own creativity when it came to writing and recording while on the road. From recording drums tracks in an abandoned grain
elevator to constructing a vocal booth out of hotel room mattresses, there was no idea
too unconventional to halt this project. The album boasts an acoustic driven Americana
Rock sound with an eclectic mix of influences, echoing their ties to their midwest
homes. With rough-hewn vocals, intricate guitar work and the heartfelt songwriting, the album is a representation of the life these young road dogs lead: Tyler Bills(vocals), Devin Bills(keyboard, guitar, mandolin), Andy Young(guitar), Shane Funk(drums), and Chris Hornick(bass). The band is preparing for an exciting and busy summer tour to promote their new album including 10 nights at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally



This rock band is Judd Hoos from South Dakota, above you can read their biography and musical history which can be found on their website. They will release their new album " Music in the dark" 2nd of June so I have the honor to listen to their 10 songs as first. And their first song recorded is " Breathe in" on their album, then now my review. It has a great intro uptempo and lovely instruments to hear, the lead singer Tyler Bills knows how to sing. He has an amazing vocal reach, and together with the background singers and sounds it is hit song potential globally. Even I never heard the track, I want to sing their lyrics and refrain. The second song " Say my name" has a great rock and Roll tune, with the voice enhancer added in it, gives the song a boost. Mostly not always I like an enhancer added by their vocals, but this one fits. And besides that, the lead singer has a wonderful raw pure rock vocal. My credits for the songwriter and production of the album, it is very professional done.  I also like the diversity used in sounds and melodies in their songs, because " Billboard in Music" is very varied from "Say my name " great guitar solo used in it. This song deserves for sure to end up on the first title of the track BILLBOARD or MTV, it is amazing produced and has a high level of becoming an addict of their sounds and vocals. I am pretty sure when more will listen to these rock artists, they become a groupie and their album will sell as a machine! This is really good high quality recorded music, I am very impressed by their music and vocal reach. I mean if you hear his vocal in " Best kept Regret" you will fall in love with his quality as a singer, it sounds really good. For me even better then many famous singers out there, this is a unique sound he possesses. The intro of this song " House party" with the drums is amazing to listen, and I love the mix of genres they use in their music it is refreshing and stunning to hear. OMG believe me this band will be soon performing worldwide, its world-class level music. The ballad on the album called " The man" really gets you quit in your total body, that voice gives you goosebumps. I don't know else what to say about the albums, it's just one of the best albums I heard so far the variety and diversity are amazing in each song. The lyrics, the vocals the sounds treat your body mind and ears. " Be Alright" the power he has in his voice is wonderful, and those notes are not easy to do but he sings it with no fights in his throat to reach those octaves, and not the mention the background lovers are good as well. Especially in this song " Music in the dark" that vocal duet is outstanding, they both have vocal power and sounds so good together. Not all duets fit together in vocal reach, but they are a golden duet, wow, this ballad is the best I ever heard. Those qualities you mostly expect between let's say Christina Aguilera and RaggNbone on international television, so you can understand How good they are. Also, his voice sounds amazing in " Strong" and how more carefully I listen I hear Bryan Adams almost in his voice, and again the background vocals make it outstanding world-class music along with the instrumental sounds especially the guitar solo part!  I am at their latest song from the album " Awake" and Jesus what a brilliant song. I am speechless and have no criticism and even don't know what to tell anymore Besides that their album is high class produced music, and they earn international fame and touring. If that happens I am very intense happy to say they are on chatsong with a review! these artists deserve to be heard shared discovered and found internationally, therefore share this review as much as you can and when the album is released buy buy buy!




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