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May 27, 2017 12:40 PM

Granfalloon is the project of Manchester-based composer and bedroom recordist Richard Lomax. Distilling elements of electronics and delicate acoustics, Granfalloon create a mixture of lo-fi, folk, and psych .I make music to scratch the itch in my brain. Also because music is the greatest thing in the universe. Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Granfalloon is the project of Manchester-based composer and bedroom recordist Richard Lomax, he makes music to scratch the itch in his brain. That sentence is already unique said, very original on the question why you make music? Then now my review about this versatile artist, all his other accounts can be found at his website. His album is called " Down there for dancing" and his first song on the album is " wellness" The intro starts already breathtaking, a beautiful acoustic guitar sound then chill electronic tunes added. The combination with his pure emotional voice makes it so enormously unique material to listen, I hear in every note he sings emotions, and that brings the message in his music come faster over in your mind and hearts. The second song is called " Glamour" and the intro is almost as beautiful as the first song. Great electronic tunes used together with his acoustic guitar, and I really love the varied vocal octaves he does in one song. It almost sounds like he sings the song with multiple background singers and lead singers, but it is just him only if I am correct. So that will say he has many talents as a musician, in more ways and that is what most music enthusiasts and networks want to hear. In this song " Windmills" the varied used vocal notes and electronic tunes makes the song very outstanding, it goes from really laid back to more uptempo very well done. I believe in the most songs he has produced, is that wonderfully acoustic guitar used in it. The diversity and variety are in his written lyrics and electronic and vocal sounds during the songs. Because " Wag" starts also with an acoustic guitar, and I love his expressions while singing the songs. He can sing so good in the low and higher octaves, I am really impressed. And this song " Look who is sorry now" is produced outstanding in the genre he makes the music,  really love the variety vocals sounds he does during this song. You keep really alerted while listening to his song, it is very refreshing and beautiful quality music. And you keep interested and alerted because you do not know what sounds and vocally what he will do in his music.  For example, in his song "EFFYswnfef" the tunes and melodies are going in all directions, but it keeps fascinating to listen to that. He makes the music really with passion and the production of each song on the album is fascinating and high quality. I am at his latest song " Bleary" the most what strikes me in all his songs is his amazing sounded vocally voice, it's so good and professional. The whole album is an amazing quality of synth pop, folk and lo-fi sounds and that with his well-trained vocal voice makes the album outstanding to have in your collection. This versatile artist will come very far, with his exceptional breathtaking music. When more will listen to this talented guy and his music, they fall in love with what he has produced. His work has to be heard around the globe for sure and pick up by music networks such as radio record labels,  or anything related and by music fanatics. Therefore share this amazing talented singer-producer as much as you can, and give votes and comments underneath this review.




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