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@jcrocker8 (JayClarkband)

May 30, 2017 12:20 PM

Breaking through the clutter with a crisp, raw sound, Jay Clark is bringing fun and storytelling back to guitar driven rock music. Southern Rock band from Ohio, read my album review on Chatsong, listen to the songs and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Growing up in Ohio, Jay played in a number of cover bands in and after college. He
decided to put down the mic for a few years, get a "real" job, and put his family first, but never gave up the dream of a life in music. Feeling the calling of the stage, he began to concentrate on writing his own songs. He wanted to tell the stories of people that left an impression on him with a little humor, similar to Kid Rock and Joe Walsh. He started putting acoustic versions of his songs on Facebook and after getting a lot of positive feedback in early 2016, packed up his gear and headed down to Nashville to record with some of the best musicians in the country.

He released a demo called Never Too Late, which is a 5 song southern rock powerhouse. It starts off with "Freight Train", which is a firecracker out of the gate. Pulsating guitars, drums, and keys giving notice that this is going to be a fun and hard rocking good time. "Shakedown" is another rocker that tells the story of a man who has been done wrong by his woman. "The River" slows it down temporarily telling the tale of a man on the run and another on his trail. Coming right out of that is the hard-nosed, "Won't Be Pushed Around" which is inspired by memories of a few bar fights back in the day. Jay lays out the consequences of picking a fight with the wrong man on a wrong night. The EP concludes with the southern rock sounds of "Whatcha Doin To Me" a song every man can relate to about getting stuck waiting on your girl. Feedback was promising but without a record deal, he went back home to concentrate on writing better material. Jay wrote 5 new songs and went back to Nashville to collaborate with his session band and new singers, Adam Cunningham and Tania Hancheroff to produce his best music yet. The first single, Leave It All Behind, has already charted and is gaining momentum. JCB is on an upward trajectory and there is no telling where this freight train is going to wind up

This is Jay Clark his previous musicianship and biography, you all can read above and at his own website. He formed a new band with new members, they are called Jay Clark Band and they just have released a new album which is called "Cocked & Loaded." They released a rough demo EP, Never Too Late in the fall of 2016 but redid those songs and included them along with five new tracks for their debut LP which they released in April 2017.

The first song off of the album is "Get Wild " it has a stunning sounding intro, very good  as you will hear, almost all their intros are really good! Next is “Hell or High Water” Oh man, what a stunning vocal he has in the intro, I really love that raw sound he has. When you listen to " Leave it all behind" it's so good that if you let me compare this to other famous rock bands like u2 and many others I would have a very difficult challenge, but probably with what all I have heard I would pick this band!  So far the three songs off the album, now I will go to one track he made with another artist Adam Cunningham and its called "The River." Oh I love the intro at first listen, great acoustic guitar and that voice is so damned good. This is really world class music and has a lot chances for being broadcast all around the world. It is really hit song potential. It is a wonderful duet one of the best I have heard so far! Together they sound even better, Oh man what a vocally powerful duet and with the rock sounds added its outstanding. I am very impressed with their capabilities as musicians, very professional artists. The next song is called "Won't be pushed around" and has again a stunning intro and great uptempo rock sounds. At hearing only a few songs I fell totally in love with his voice and their sounds its magnificent mix of rock and blues. Great instrument solos used in it electric guitars drums and a lot more, my credits for these players. Their track " another love song" is beautiful like I said before all that they sing and create is such an amazing quality. That I don't know what I need to tell about it, it's just amazing to listen! I really can listen to their music hours and hours, and I think when they play live thousands of music lovers will stand in front of them and have their time of their lives! Normally I keep my reviews short but this band deserves listeners to each song they recorded because it is an amazing album and band. Next is a song which has the same name as the album "cocked and loaded". And again a very amazing intro which has immediately your full attention, they have written good lyrics but the sounds and vocals around all those lyrics make each and every song incredible. I also like it, that some of the songs have that 70s and 80s sound. These days artists use a lot of pieces of equipment, to make the songs sound dancing or more modern. And have lyrics which has no meaning, what they have made is how good music is supposed to sound like. Not that I don't like modern songs or with electronic sounds, I have reviewed much and much-talented singers and artists in those genres. But what I am listening now is really high quality recorded music, and I am pretty sure that this band will tour soon around the globe and have many performances at stages. Whatcha doin' to me" the intro of the song is very melodic and uptempo, and that voice wow so unique with the raw sound. I love the refrain of this song, and without knowing the song before you want to sing along with the lyrics. It’s also a great song that your body and mind want to dance to, it's very great produced and played. The last song “Shakedown” has an  intro that does literally shake in amazing rock sounds, He use his vocals in varied octaves and all sound really pure and I like he sings different octaves then deep then a higher one, proofs he can sing really anything and it not sounds monotone. ! I am smiling inside because when they soon have many fans, touring and gigs, I can say they have a review at Chatsong. This band has to be heard for sure by every big music networks exist and music lovers all around the world. Therefore share this awesome world class rock band and their music as much as you can and give votes and comments. 




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