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Jun 15, 2017 11:02 AM

This is Kellie-ann Poirier from ( Canada) now Dubai, read my review on chatsong and listen to her music. Her reason of making music ¨Music is my inspiration¨. Born in 2003 Canadian living in Dubai. Singer/Songwriter, I'm Kellie-Anne Poirier, 14 years old, Canadian living in Dubai for 8 years and moving to NYC in 3 weeks! I started to sing and play the guitar 6 years ago and I am now writing my own songs with the aim to inspire the young current generations and the ones to come. I was a participant at the Voice Kids Montreal, Canada last summer My first single is called Waves and I describe the wonderful feeling the ocean provides us as well as how humans have destroyed it. The next songs to be produced will talk about the people that motivate me to keep going as well as how it's important to remain yourself in a world where social media dictate who we are.

This young singer-songwriter is Kellie-Ann Poirier. She is from Canada, lives now in Dubai and has released her first debut single ¨ waves¨. I like the fact the song is written with emotion and there is a message in her song. She will be releasing more songs in the future, about other political issues in the daily world. I really want to compliment her with her age, trying to speak to a larger audience about troubles in the society with her music.
Then now my review about this young singer, who is known in the voice kids of Canada as well as with her single ¨ waves¨. The song has a great intro with harmonizers and synthesizers, and wow her voice is so incredibly good for her age and deep. This song is very nicely produced, it has high chances of a break trough in the music industry, especially because of her deeper lower voice and her emotional octaves put into it. I certainly believe that this kid has soon an international hit. She has such a unique vocal, I really love it. I am really curious about her next releases, which will be produced in New York City. You will be hearing this young singer soon on many bigger networks like MTV and Billboard, and much more all around the world. She sings also some cover songs, and it is stunning. Her input and her vocal reach. She made me cry with her cover of this song ¨Million reasons Lady Gaga¨ cover by Kellie-Anne Poirier. Her voice touched my heart so beautifully sang. Also, this cover ¨Perfect Ed Sheeran cover by Kellie-Anne Poirier¨ is so beautiful done. While she does these covers she keeps her own vocals, and that proofs how talented this singer is. She doesn't copy them or try to reach the same vocal octaves as the singers she covered, and that makes her really a marvelous future star in the music world. I would not be surprised if she is soon singing on the same stage as many famous female singers like Taylor Swift and more. I see some dislikes on the cover songs, probably they do not listen carefully enough and yes in the higher octaves. There are some tones she missed some tones while singing, but let me say this to those she was 13 years old at the time and you can´t expect she sings flawlessly at that age. Even Madonna is not the best singer and is a worldwide known singer. So, I find Kellie-Anne thoughts and songwriting and vocal reach very good for her age and with practicing and practicing she will get better and better, and looking forward to her new releases. This new star worldwide has to be heard and shared a lot, therefore share this review as much as you can and give votes and comments.




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