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Jun 24, 2017 12:31 PM

Jakob Davy's musician, at the moment based in Austria. Has just released his debut single common lies and recorded 3 other songs, which I will review as well. Read my review listen and gives votes and comments underneath his review.

This artist is Jakob Davys from Austria, just released his debut single " Common Lies " which I will review here at ChatSong also he recorded a few more which I will listen to as well. Then now my review about this RB&Soul singer, the song has a marvelous intro with great instrumental sounds such as a guitar and drum and his vocal is very pure and calm with a real male raw sound. The rhythm together with the instrumental and amazing voice makes this song a real potential for many radio stations and bigger music networks around the world. Even without not having this song before, I already want to sing along with the song and my music vibes in my want to dance on it. This is a wonderful soul track, and it is magnificently recorded great quality music. I am really listening to this song with my soul and mind, I am in a kinda trance listening with closed eyes and just only listening to his amazing raw voice, so good is this singer!

He recorded another song called " What you need" it is acoustic and with that voice, it's very beautiful to listen he has a really unique voice. He sounds marvelous in the higher notes and in the lower notes, sometimes he missed some, but it is not so easy singing only guided with an acoustic guitar and using various notes most of the famous singers miss sometimes more than one note. So that does not change a thing, how amazingly talented this singer is and how great his music is.

I am at his latest song he did record " In Hundred Years" again a wonderful acoustic song and great written lyrics. Like I wrote before he has a unique vocal sound, I believe this singer will come very far he has a good vocal sound and wonderful music. Maybe as he focuses more on the higher octaves, he becomes better than he already is. 

This singer for sure is very good and has to be heard around the world, with his beautiful songs. Therefore share this review as much as you can and gives votes and comments underneath this review. 








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