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Jul 3, 2017 10:49 AM

From the opening notes of Carl Thorntons follow-up single, "KEEP DANCIN" one hears the melodic drive and irresistible, it's inspirational message is electrifying, and the pulsating beat entices you to move with unabashed joy. Read my review on chatsong, listen to his music and give votes and comments underneath this review

Singer, songwriter, and actor Carl Thornton was born in North Carolina but at the tender age of three his parents moved to Long Island, New York where he was raised. Carl began singing at the age of seven in an elementary school chorus. While on the stage of the very first performance he had an epiphany that singing was what he wanted to do with his life. Carl has been performing professionally for ten years. His talents have taken him to Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Istanbul, Dubai, and Portugal. In 2012 he was contracted to tour and sing in China where he performed in Shanghai, Gangzhou, Fuzhou, and Hong Kong at the Starlight Dance Clubs. Carl is currently living in New York and singing with New York City Swing, which is taking him all over the East Coast. One of Carl's favorite quotes is "nothing beats a failure but a try" -- words he lives by every day. He takes musical inspiration from Pharrell Williams, John Legend, and Usher and idols Stevie Wonder and Peabo Bryson.


This singer-songwriter is Carl Thornton and he has released just his new single " Keep Dancin" which I will be going to review. I see he has made more songs, so I try to listen to these as well. Above you can read his biography and at his website more about who he is and what he does. Then now my review about this singer, and his released music on the album Destined. First I start with his older tracks and then to his newest singles.

This song " Get up" has a marvelous intro it looks like a tune from a video game and then more upbuilding dance tunes and his voice is so good it fits totally in the rhythms of the song. I really love his voice it is he can sing really any note perfect higher octaves and lower octaves. A bit Stevie Wonder and Usher like his inspirations, he comes pretty close by with vocal sound but you can hear he has an own unique vocal a really good sounded one. His next single " Breathless" is very different from " get up" and that voice he has is so extremely good together with the beautiful dance tunes this song has high chances becoming a worldwide dance hit song around the world. He may be inspired by a great singer like he mentioned above in his biography but soon he is on the same stage and music charts as them. Each song has a different intro and my credits to the production of the songs his new single " keep dancin" has again stunning dance tunes and makes you really wanna dance on it, and with his vocals added its even better he can reach very high note with no hesitations and it is all pure. His music is perfect for every dance music festival around the world, and every radio stations in this world. I have the feeling when his music is spread he soon has an invitation from much famous DJ,s in every country because he has a unique sound and will make every song turn into a hit single. I am at his latest song at top of his profile at SoundCloud and that song is very beautiful and nothing similar to the dance songs he recorded. it is called " I remember" this is a more a gospel and RB mix and in this song you can hear how amazingly his throat can produce stunning notes, it is a world class singer. And I like that he recorded a different side of him more focussed on his vocal, and the instruments used in it are so lovely to listen combined with his vocals and the tunes they used in the song. Most of the songs are world class music, and I am really sure he soon will be touring in every country there is and singing his marvelous tracks. I am really impressed by this singer and am a big fan now, his album and especially his voice has to be heard around the world, therefore, share this soon becoming world singer as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 







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