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Jul 10, 2017 10:46 AM

This is Hegarty Official band read my single review on Chatsong, currently released " I only dream in black and white" and listen to their music and give your feedback underneath this review. We are hegarty Scouse folk country indie rockers, Dave hegarty lead vocal and acoustic guitar, harmonica.Chris keo McKeown bass guitar Waka staffo drums and percussion. Ian igga cousins lead guitar and harmonicas, Alex Tweedle keyboards. We love playing live and the feel we get from the audience, just released our new single and about to take the world by storm with our new album ready for release

Hegarty was formed in 2014 when David, Waka and Chris decided to record a few songs they had been working on together. Igga joined soon after recruiting Alex along the way to make our line-up complete and it hasn’t changed much since.Things have gone really well for us so far and we’ve had a fair bit of airplay on many radio stations including local Liverpool stations, going national in Scotland and even international in USA and France.

 Our debut album is now complete and new singleI only dreamwas recently released with an accompanying b-side “lonely for too long” so why not check it out now. We also have anEarly Recordings 4 song EP which is, we are proud to say, smashing it on iTunes has received 5-star ratings.

Above you can read their biography and musical achievements as artists, Then now my review about these musicians from Bootle. They have made some other tracks on their music account at SoundCloud, I try to listen to these as well. 

The oldest song they made is "Drifted" The song starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar and a nice warm melodic tune, which gives you as a listener a relaxed state of mind. The song is very lovely written, and the lead singer has a great voice with a hoarseness but with the instruments the calm tunes it is really a very nice recorded song. This is material to work with as a label and a great song for many online radio stations.

Then there is a song called " Time on our Hand" the intro immediately starts with a beautiful warm vocal voice and that hoarseness he owns makes every note incredibly, and at same moments I really hear Bryan Adams it is spooky so close. Again my credits for the production and songwriting, this song is for sure hit song material. 

There are three Demo songs " Redemption can't be found and " black and white" and " Broken Soul" in the first demo you hear some background noises but it is a typical sound of a demo recording. I can hear one of the members can play very good on the drums and guitar, then again that lovely hoarseness vocal sound with some professional studio time they can make this song their next released song it is a good song. 

Their demo song " Broken soul is so amazingly produced, and that voice I really love it and in this track, you can hear varied notes he can reach but with the same amazing hoarseness and there are sometimes things that could be work on but overall an amazing rock song. My god that electric guitar work is really good, the members who play the instruments certainly know how to jam on it. I believe this demo is the only song in the rock genre, the other songs I can't really put a name on I know only that is lovely music. 

The black and white demo is released in a single they brought out " I only dream in black and white" and man that song is lovely great used instruments and wonderful lyrics but I am pretty sure all their songs are so good because of the unique sounded vocal sound of the lead singer and of course the members who guide him with the instruments and suddenly almost at the end of this song is an amazing wonderfully wind horn used which makes it very cool to hear. 

I have listened to all of their songs and I like them all one demo has some work needed, but a demo  I can't critic because it is a demo song and not an official released work. But it is sure a song to release so when they going to do that I hope the lead singer focus on his higher octave when singing, besides that he is a talented amazing singer. Their music has to be heard around the world, it is great recorded music and for sure they deserve a signing by a  record label.  So when you read this share this enough to make that dream for them to happen, also for more fans or radio airplay or anything else worldwide!







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