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@hannahrentonmusic facebook

@hannahrentonmusic facebook

Jul 12, 2017 2:39 PM

This is Hannah Renton vocalist and composer studying Songwriting at BIMM Brighton after completing a Music course at The BRIT School, and also singer in a band called SEKADAUK read my single review at chatsong and listen to her music and give votes and comments

This is Hannah Renton she is vocalist and composer, more songs and information can be found on her accounts in this review

has just released her debut single " Higher" and asked me for a single review, of course, I did not say no, so here we go.

The song is an amazing dance track, great production and her vocals are very good. She has a unique vocal sound and it fits perfectly in the dance tunes, her voice makes this song really a potential for a worldwide known dance hit song. It has all elements in the single and will attract many audiences worldwide, I think this song will soon be on worldwide television and bigger charts. Her first single is already an amazing hit song, really want to know what single comes next I am already a big fan of this wonderful vocal talented singer. This single really needs to be heard and especially shared across the globe, because it is high-quality level music

Higher is available on Amazon, Itunes, and Spotify






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