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Jul 18, 2017 12:07 PM

I am a musician from Manchester and living in London. Playing catchy riffs which are followed by unique vocals. Read my review on Chatsong, listen to his music and give votes and comments underneath this review

Adam K is a solo Guitarist/Singer, who currently resides in London. Having years of experience under his belt means Adam is skilled at his craft. His appreciation of Rock music and understanding of what makes a song good, means he has a list of great originals, stemming from his personal taste in music. Even without a backing band, Adam K's songs are filled with powerful vocals, personal lyrics, and fierce guitar riffs. Now enjoy some well-executed rock music.


This is Adam K he did post his music-video inside the chat forum, so I really wanted to hear more from him and give him a review. He has recorded some acoustic rock songs, only guided by a guitar that is quite impressive already. He has sent me two songs " Obey" and " save me" and has a few other on his SoundCloud. I will start with his oldest recorded track " Left inside" It has a great intro just a guitar and how he plays he has for sure a gift for rhythm, his vocals are lovely to hear it goes from low to high and he uses different octaves while singing them. I really love the voice combined with the rock sounds, I am pretty sure when a studio hear his talent they will make a blast of a rock hit song. The song " See through" he immediately start with a diversity of vocal sounds out of his throat, which gives immediately the impression he is a very professionally singer. I really like the dramatic touch he uses while singing and shows the vocal power this acoustic artist has, and his guitar play work is brilliant!

Then we " save me" which has a lovely rhythmic intro, it makes you wanna dance on it. And again that lovely melodic dramatic vocals especially at the end of the track just amazing. He knows how to bring his music to the audience who listen to his tracks, I am impressed by this talented vocal singer and acoustic guitar player. 

I am at his latest song which is not on his SoundCloud account it is named "Obey" and that song hits off with a terrific guitar accords and once again he gives it all with singing. You can hear so much varied octaves in his vocals, it is really amazing and all pure! This singer-songwriter is for sure a talented one, and I really want to see him playing live and jam his guitar. 

Therefore, share this review and brilliant acoustic singer-songwriter as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review









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