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Jul 20, 2017 11:12 AM

This is ZEEK GOODY he just released his debut album named Edison Theory, in the genre Hip-hop read my review on Chatsong listen to his recently released album and give votes and comments underneath this review

This is ZEEK GOODY a young hip hop artist he just released his first album, which I will be going to review. Chatsong reviews all genres, thus hip-hop as well. His first single is called " How you want it " I like the dramatic intro with the melodies they used. He can rap very good, clear and understandable also I hear no vocal mastering it's all pure and that makes this song a great hip hop song. I really like hip hop with a story in the lyrics, and the fact that he can rap and freestyle aren't to doubt because he can.

The song " Blockbuster" there you can hear how good his rap part is and that he does it all with passion and pure vocal sound, the song is with the beats very well produced it has good potential for the hip hop scene and fans worldwide. 

I am at his latest single " We Straight" again you hear his powerful freestyle and vocal sound, the beats and tunes are reduced so he has all the space to show his rap talent. And I really love that this gives him a lot of opportunities because now labels and radios and hip-hop fans can hear what he capable of is 

His album has to be heard around the world, by many hip-hop industries and fans, because he has some amazing skills that have to be acknowledged. Therefore share this review as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review




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