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Jul 24, 2017 10:16 AM

It's Traume." Singer, songwriter, producer. My dreams inspire the beats I produce. My life inspires the lyrics I write my music is based off what I dream about. This is Traume official, he has released one album, read my review on chatsong and listen to his music, give votes and comments underneath this review.

This versatile and multi talented artist is Traume Official, he sings writes and produced his own song. He has released an album which I will be going to review here, if I am correct he has titled it "TRAUME". I will start with his latest track " Something Special part 1" and then to his later recent produced single " Drop top". 

The song " Something Special part 1 " is incredibly good, he has a very good vocal sound and can sing varied high notes sadly the song duration is 1 minute and 17 seconds the beats the lyrics and the vocals are very professional and it has a high potential for becoming a worldwide hit song. I mean when you hear how pure and high he can sing in this song " Something Different part two" is unbelievable. The tunes and melodies do remind me a bit of usher but he can sing just almost sing on the same high level with his vocals. 

His track " interlude" starts with talking with a story by a female and I guess himself, and then that lovely vocal sound of him he is really a born singer. I really am blown away by his vocal power and the amazing beats they used, I feel when more and more going to listen to his music he soon is on billboard charts or any other. My credits for the production as well, very smooth clean and Profesional.  

" Summertime" is again very beautiful amazing beats and tunes, sometimes in my mind when I listen to his vocals I always think I hear USHER but it is not, he is just an amazing R$B vocal singer I really love it. 

" The routine" is more a rap song mixed with RB sounds very lovely done, and he is very good in writing songs. And it is the first song I hear some mastering of his vocals, but it remains a very lovely song. He can not only sing but as well rap incredibly if it is his own voice I am doubting about that aha. 

When you listen to a whole album, there are mostly songs you like but aren't the best of the artist. I have that with " Lonely" it is good but I hear too much mastering which I barely hear at the rest of his album. I think the uptempo and RB sounds are more his genre, then ballads. 

I am now listening to his newest and latest song " drop top" and That is more his style and genre, immediately from the beginning amazing vocally and his freestyle is dope as well. This song is amazingly produced with sick beats and has again a high potential of a worldwide hit song, I am impressed by the skills of this versatile artist. 

My final words: the album is full of wonderful RB  and hip hop sounds have amazing lyrics and he has a very good vocal reach the level how he produces the songs are on a very high level and most of his songs have potential to become known around this world. Therefore share this review with this new RB/hip hop star as much as you can. 








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